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2 NL 6-max cashgame - TT - bet sizing, range

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  • 2 NL 6-max cashgame - TT - bet sizing, range

    Hi guys, just played this hand today and yeah, bet sizing is something I still struggle on. A villain is pretty loose passive player as you can see. Not much information about him, he just came to the table 1 or 2 hands ago. He was short stacked all the time. When I watched him play, to me it looked like he was holding a spade and waited to see another spade after that wet board. My questions: 1. What range do you put the villain in? 2. Was my bet sizing correct? I was pretty unsure about it mainly after the flop (I wasn't sure about bet sizing on that wet board). Also, shouldn't I bet more on the turn? I haven't been posting hands for analyses too much, but I should definitely do it often. Yeah, I'm a noob... Anyway, thanks in advance. Still have a lot to learn.

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    I think if you adjust your bet sizes slightly taking into account that your opponent is loose passive, you could have got all the money in on the turn.

    Here is what could have happened:

    Preflop - I think a raise to $0.08 is optimal, bearing in mind that there is another big blind in the pot. I've chosen $0.08 because your typical pre-flop raising size should be 3x the BB. Then you add another BB because of the Villain posting. This would have made the pot $0.19 (assuming Villain calls) and Villain having $0.72 left.

    Flop - I would now bet nearly full pot, something like $0.16 because of the wet board texture. If villain calls, the pot would now be $0.61 with villain having $0.56 behind.

    Turn - Now you can shove the turn for less than a pot size bet with villain very likely to call with a half-decent spade.

    As played - I like your Flop bet size, but I would probably just shove the turn anyway - that opponent type is not going to fold a draw to any bet size. Your bet was way too small and actually gave the villain a good price to call with a flush draw.


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      Basically what spand said.

      Raise bigger pre. That will allow you to have a better SPR on the flop which will let you shove the turn for less than a pot sized bet.


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        Hey Marcoso, welcome to the handanalysis forums buddy

        As has already been pointed out I think the only thing that needs some work in that hand is betsizing. Preflop I'd raise to 8c+ because of the dead money already in the pot. OTT I think betting around a little less than halfpot seems reasonable as the Q may be a scarecard to the opponent yet you do want him to keep calling with spadedraws that dont have much equity against your hand. You could also check the turn and hope for him to take a stab in which case you could check/shove and commit him to the hand.

        Anyways, NH!
        Live Trainer


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          Originally posted by PSO-xflixx View Post
          You could also check the turn and hope for him to take a stab in which case you could check/shove and commit him to the hand.

          Anyways, NH!
          I think the chances of villain betting the turn are very low, particularly if he does have a flush draw. I think he's just way more likely to take a free card and give up on the river - which is more or less what actually happened in the hand.


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            Thank you guys, now it's clear to me. Preflop I didn't want to raise so much as I had a weaker hand on my table position. I still have to work on it but will definitely post more hands.



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