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Bottom set, how to respond? 5NL zoom 6max

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  • Bottom set, how to respond? 5NL zoom 6max

    villain : vpip 18/ pfr 8 / 3bet 0 in 55 hands Hero : 21 / 14/ 6 Preflop Hero bets 3BB unopened SB flat calls flop: 4s Kh 3s villain checks Hero bets 70% pot. villain calls turn Jc villian checks Hero bets 50% pot. Didn't bet much to keep all Kx, Jx, 2pair and flush draws in. Villain raises 2.2 times my bet ( =75% pot) Question: Action of hero ?
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    I prefer a bigger bet on the turn. By betting 50% you're probably giving a correct price for flush draws to call bearing in mind the implied odds they likely or think they might have. If they have Kx or 2 pair, they will call pretty much no matter what your bet size. Get as much value as you can!

    Once villain raises you, just play the hand straightforward and 3Bet him to about $2.50 hoping that he shoves on you.


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      Just 75% pot all streets.

      OTT just 3b to ~$2.20 and hope he shoves.

      Shoving yourself is probably ok too.


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        I also prefer bigger bets on flop and turn as Kx and FDs are always at least calling (OTF usually every Pair is calling). Due to your small bet villains x/r is smaller too so now you're left with a lot more money to get in - you could have shoved after betting bigger and getting raised bigger. I think calling seems fine but a lot of rivers might be bad for us or scare the opponent so 3-betting smallish can be ok too. Only problem I have is that your small turnbet might have enticed the villain to start bluffing so there also is an argument for calling and hoping to extract more from bluffs OTR.
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          So happy everybody is saying I should re-raise and get it in if I can.

          I actually raised him to $2.50 and he shoved. I insta-called.
          Turned out he had pocket jacks and made a set on the turn



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