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2nl zoom overpair on wet board

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  • 2nl zoom overpair on wet board

    45/18 11 hands I think 79, 77, 55, 99, 68 would raise the turn, 9T would not call the flop, 7hTh and TT are the only hands that are ahead of me. First question is are those assumptions correct? Second question is, should I bet/fold the river? Missed draws aren't calling, a middle pair isn't calling, if he somehow got one pair with a T he will likely bet.

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    I think this is a bet/fold spot on the river - you'll get him to call with random 7x and 5x hands. He might also call you with some silly two pair, but that's life.

    If he's spiked a straight or slowplayed a set, you'll have either found out on the turn or you'll find out on the river.


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      I think you played this fine to be honest.

      His range is wide because he seems to call with almost half his hands, though the sample size is tiny. Of the pairs he could have we are only beating 88/66-33. He could have something like 67s/78s of hearts and bet a missed flush/straight on the river.

      If you bet I dont think you get called by a lot that you are beating but if you check he can bet some hands that you do beat and villains do this occasionally even at 2NL to try and win the pot. I'd also not be stunned to see JJ turn up here.


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        I think I prefer a river bet here because there's really not much busted draws that can bluff the river when we check to them but there are more hands that can check back to showdown that I think would talk themselves to call if we bet 1/2 pot. Against villains with such stats, I will go for three streets of value and reconsider my hand strength when they raise us. We don't have to win all the time, but I will target the bad part of their range because I know they could make bad call downs.


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          I dont think you can bet fold the river when theres only a pot sized bet, when he calls the turn it looks like 1 pair hands 88 66 67 56 78 98 /1 gappers, but for him to bet on the river he would have to be turning these hands in to a bluff except for 68 and he might not raise his sets or two pair on the turn.

          Then you got other over pairs he could of had on the flop that made sets or he still thinks are good like JJ, i would probably check call half pot or something like that on the river myself.



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