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5NL Zoom 6max, AKo vs KJ blindbattle

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  • 5NL Zoom 6max, AKo vs KJ blindbattle

    Unknown villain. Hero has AhKd preflop: Villain bets unopened pot 3BB Hero raises to 6BB Villain calls flop 7hKh3s villain chk Hero bets 2/3 pot villain calls Turn 4c villain bets 1/2 pot hero calls river 9d villain bets 1/2 pot hero calls villain has KsJc, pre: Yes, I should have raised bigger. 0.45-ish flop: bet was oke, imo turn: questionmark I believe I should have raised the turnbet to: 1) wash out flushdraws (but I had A-blocker) 2) get a bigger pot 3) take the pot right there 4) information about him having a set? Am I right? Call on river was an easy one for me. agree ? A raise was out of the question, imo tnx in advance
    Last edited by rkleefstra; Sat Dec 07, 2013, 02:16 AM.

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    Please don't post results - it makes it harder to objectively analyse the hand.

    Preflop - you know your mistake here already.

    Flop - Fine

    Turn - I'd be concerned when an unknown villain bets into me like this - you've shown strength at every opportunity so far yet he leads into you on a seemingly innocuous card.

    I'm never raising here - I'll explain why using your possible reasons to raise:

    1) We don't mind keeping flush draws in the hand - we just want to make them pay the wrong price to hit their draw. Since villain is making himself pay to try and hit a flush, there's no necessity for us to make him pay even more. By just calling we also allow him to fire a bluff on the river when he misses his draw. However I think he very rarely has a flush draw here. He'd much more likely just check/call the turn and check/fold the river if he missed.

    2) While top pair top kicker is a good hand - it's not so good that we want to play a bloated pot against someone who is taking an aggressive stance against us. We could easily be up against a set or two pair here.

    3) If we want to take the pot here and now - you are turning your hand into a bluff. I think our hand is too strong to be bluffing and we are not going to get any better hands (i.e. 2 pair+) to fold.

    4) Raising for information by itself is a bad idea as Langolier regularly points out. The information we receive can often be inaccurate, or irrelevant. What happens if villain 3Bet shoves over our raise? Does this tell us any more information than before? Not really. We should be betting/raising either for value, or as a bluff. As I said before our hand is too strong for a bluff, but too thin for value.

    I think calling is the right play here, using our position to assess what happens on the river.

    River - This river doesn't really change much. His sizing looks like he's trying to take you to value-town, so I would actually fold here as I think 2 pair + is easily his most likely holding here. In order to call we have to be ahead about 33% of the time, which I don't think is the case here.


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      Thank you for your analysis !

      Fixed the handreplayer. Had to learn how to use it. Fixed the title but it doesn't seem to refresh in the forum.

      point 2 is indeed a bad reason. Don't want a big pot with just TpTk.
      point 4: I thought a raise might be better for all of the reasons, not just for 1 of them. Betting for info solo is indeed not right.

      Really did not expect folding on river was a possibilty.
      Last edited by rkleefstra; Sat Dec 07, 2013, 02:24 AM.


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        3b bigger pre.

        I personally think post flop is fine.


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          Good stuff in this thread already.

          Personally I like how you played the hand. Would 3-bet bigger preflop for Value, but apart from that I find a calldown necessary here against an unknown opponent for a couple of reasons. There is a busted Flushdraw you beat and possibly villain could be taking this line with a worse Kx. TPTK is at the very top of our range here and we don't know what villain might be up to with his ranges/plays. I'm also keeping in mind that because of the small 3-bet preflop villain can potentially defend wider and produce some weaker Kx hands or other weak hands he decides to turn into bluffs.
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            Thanks for all the comments !

            Will post more hands for sure. Great stuff!



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