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2NL FR: proper way of playing top pair here?

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  • 2NL FR: proper way of playing top pair here?

    Should I have folded my J10 after his reraise nevertheless I was committed to the pot or was it a proper play even though I thought he had either two pair or a ready straight? I played maybe 10-20 hands with him and all I know is that he was limping and calling bets preflop pretty often.

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    I think you played the hand fine.

    Your big problem is starting off with a short stack - you're often going to find yourself in tough spots where you are pot committed with vulnerable holdings. You also won't be able to maximise full value when you do get a monster hand.

    Ideally you should be bankrolled in order to buy in and auto-top up for a full 100BB stack, that way you can more easily get away from a relatively weak Top pair hand like you have here.


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      Hi Fung,

      Considering that you're starting with a very short stack, I wouldn't steal preflop here with JTo unless you had reads that the 3 players behind were tight/fold a lot.

      Once you flop top pair, I'm generally looking to set up getting my stack in on most turn cards, so I would bet bigger on the flop both for value and protection, and to set up a good turn shove size. If we bet .15c for example and get called, there'll be .48 in the pot and .45 to shove the turn. I would even go for a full pot sized .18c, which sets up a pot of .54c with .42 behind to shove on the turn when called.
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        Thank you guys very much! I had this inadequate stack size only because of some bankroll issues at that moment, but I won't be doing that again.



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