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5nl zoom, AK tptk w/ flush draw wrongly played

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  • 5nl zoom, AK tptk w/ flush draw wrongly played

    - no hud - no previous read on villain Pre: - open my AK got 1 caller Flop - dream flop with top pair top kicker with nut flush draw. villain donks. Just called since my hand seems robust, wanting him to possibly get his flush. Turn - villain donks again, raise to build up pot and get value River - villain checks and I bet for value Question: - is the raise on the turn wrong? - should I have just checked behind on the river w/ my tptk?

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    I think raising flop is better than turn, it costs less ,it gives opportunity to build pot bigger if needed and you won't loose initiative., you will be able to control pot OTT more often.
    I would read his hand as set OTT. I know it isn't expected to donk with it but it's only hand that makes sense for me on the wet board like this. I would check OTR, I don't think there's any value bet OTR or he will fold any of his strong hands.


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      I would have raised his donk bet on the flop. As played, OTR i'm just checking behind.
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        Hi kala,

        It seems you're not really ranging him.

        Most players donk out with 1 pair hands or draws, or hands that they feel needs protection. I agree with the others on raising the flop, but if we just call, we should never be raising this turn card as it's a very good card for his range and thus weakens our hand strength relative to his range. KQ just pulled ahead. Qh9c just pulled ahead. JhTc just pulled ahead. KxJh/KxTh has picked up a few additional outs. Basically this card either improves directly or at least doesn't hurt his entire flop donking range.

        As far as the river bet goes, it's very thin imo. About the only hands we can expect to call are KxJh and KxTh, and he may not even pay us off with those after we raised him on the turn. He's not folding any better hand. So if we do value bet I think we should do so much smaller, like 1/3rd pot, to entice calls from KJ/KT/QhXo, or just check it down.
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          Thanks. I think I'm multitabling too much on zoom.

          I should probably play fewer tables and think over my hands much better.



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