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Should I have given up QQ here?

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  • Should I have given up QQ here?

    Hi Im trying to work on my post flop play and here is a tricky spot, I ended up folding but was wondering how other players might play this? V2 stats at the end of my session (my hud doesn’t give me the stats at the time of the hand) 20/10/0 with a AF of 3.25, 75 hands. He had folded to 3 bet 1/1 As I write this im starting to think that 3 betting of value might not have been the right move (again this is something im trying to work on). Let me know what you think, thanks for all the help Michael

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    I think the 3bet pre-flop is perfectly fine and that you made the right move there. There is an arguement to be made that 3betting only keeps good hands in and folds worse out but without a solid read I think we can 3bet for value and get called by worse.

    I'm not giving up on this flop either. We have an overpair and a flush draw, its not the nut flush draw, and for that reason I would probably just call the donk bet. He hasnt made it prohibitively expensive for us to see the turn. You gave his aggressions stat and while he isnt ultra aggressive or anything he does know how to bet and raise after the flop has been dealt. This isnt a tight player leading out with the nuts.

    So, I think call on the flop and reassess on the turn depending on the turn card and villain 2's actions.


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      Hi Michae2005

      I'm going with what bhoylegend said. Folding flop is too weak; we have an overpair + FD. Though we are not drawing to the nuts, we are still at the top of our range and our hand might very well be best here.


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        Hey Michael, 3bet a MP raise with QQ here is perfectly fine... & would be my default / standard line at both 2NL & my regular stakes. I would also continue OTF Vs Villain donk bet [... for the reasons already mentioned] and may also do so without the as many Villains @ 2NL will donk bet on scary boards with draws, pairs+draws, single hearts Ahx, Khx etc... & would continue with most turns cards [dependant upon Villain's actions / bet sizing]. GL @ the tables. Tony


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          Thanks for the replies. I’m finding it a bit frustrating with my post flop play I seem to continue when I should fold and fold when I should continue.


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            Originally posted by Michae2005 View Post
            Thanks for the replies. I’m finding it a bit frustrating with my post flop play I seem to continue when I should fold and fold when I should continue.
            Part of the learning process.

            Just keep posting hands here of spots where you are unsure. Next time it comes up you can think back and try to implement suggestions.



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