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5NL Zoom (6 max) - 99 (Btn) Flopped Tset on w/b Vs Unknown (SB)

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  • 5NL Zoom (6 max) - 99 (Btn) Flopped Tset on w/b Vs Unknown (SB)

    Background: Hero [BTN]: VPIP 17; PFR 12; 3bet 4 (755 hands) Villain [SB] No information [except started hand with <61bb) Pre-flop: Standard 3x R with . Villain [SB] calls. Flop: Hit top set on w/b & Villain decides to donk bet OTF. Working on the assumption he's drawing... I decide to raise for value & protection. Villain calls. Turn: Not put off by my raise OTF... Villain donks again for half the pot OTT. Hero??? My thoughts: We're behind to T8, 85, 53 [48 combos] & whilst I put Villain on a fairly wide range... realistically T8 is only viable hand that calls p/f but expect most Villains @ 5NL to 3bet / jam when faced with a R OTF... & therefore pretty sure we're still ahead of SB p/f calling / donk bet range. Given Villain has already invested 40% of his stack [... & is not folding] I decided to put him 'all in' OTT. Questions: 1). Do you agree with my analysis / how I played the hand? 2). Would you do anything different? 3). Presume we're never folding here? Welcome your thoughts / comments? Tony
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    First think to pop to my mind. He is under stacked -> so he can have anything -> so OTT its safest just to push it in to not to lose value. Everything else comes second.
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      1.) Agree with your analysis. You have a top tier hand in relation to boardtexture, stacksize and villaintype (probably looking fishier because of his stack and betting line).

      2.) No, I'd play the hand the same way. You can get a lot of value OTT from draws and pair+draw type hands that are never folding because of pot and stacksizes.

      3.) Never. Even if you're behind you still have equity and a lot of deadmoney in the pot
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        Hi Flix [& brave], Thank you for your comments / feedback. The river was the so FD gets there & Villain shows . I wasn't concerned with losing the pot, because I was happy with my read & the way I played the hand, but admit to being a little confused with Villain's line, especially when he continued after I had raised OTF with another donk bet OTT? Thanks again, Tony umbup:
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