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2nl FR Zoom

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  • 2nl FR Zoom

    Hi guys, I looking for two analyses on this one. One from the Hero's point of view, and villains. This was my very first encounter with villain, so I haven't seen him play any hands. Villain was probably putting me on a premiums like AK+, KK+. Now I am trying to think why what he did could be bad or good. I am trying not to results orientated. Any help would be much appreciated. I called his raise on the flop even though I thought he may have made a set with pocket Ks, Although, if I treated villain as the average nit on 2nl zoom with no reads, then I would have thought his range is AK+, KK+ possibly QQ to widen the range a little more. I felt I will still be ahead against that range, even when the flop comes up with a K, but when I get raised, then his range I guess changes to a made set. Do you guys think I should have bet smaller on the flop, and then folded to raise? Then again at 2nl, although I can't say for sure, you many get many villains stacking off with AK on the flop because the pot has got so big; therefore in situations like this, it might be profitable in the long run to call this raise. Cheers, Pullin
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    Your 4b sizing is ok given villain made a retarded 3b.

    Flop is kinda meh. I'd size your cbet a little smaller but i don't think i'm ever folding this flop.


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      Pre-flop is standard. Post-flop, half pot is more standard, due to the low SPR. (Villain has 2 PSBs in his stack, so you can commit to getting all in on the turn).
      I can't fold an overpair with the SPR being so low. Villain is jamming AK and KK (plus JJ if he 3-bet/calls with that pre-flop), because he's similarly pot-committed. You're losing to 3 combos of top set (but still have 10% suckout value, hehe) and you beat 6 combos of AK. Against a range of AK/KK, you have 62% equity, so you have to call. If villain has JJ in his range, you're flipping, and pot odds mean you only need to win 19% of the time.

      In general terms, just don't fold big overpairs in 3-bet pots, let alone 4-bet pots, if effective stack is 100bb at the start.
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        Hi pullin,

        Don't over think this spot imo... villain is not quite full stacked and it's a 4b pot, so the SPR is less than 2. You should have a plan for your hand when you 4-bet him, my plan would look like this:

        -get it in pre to a 5b
        -if called, get it in post flop

        Since the board is fairly wet, I like your c-bet although agree it could be a bit smaller, and am not folding to a shove ever here, I think it would be a pretty large mistake personally to fold now in this big a pot. We are losing to KK/JJ and are beating AK/QQ/AdQd
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