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55 oop play against one villain

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  • 55 oop play against one villain

    In this hand, I decided to play my pocket 5s from EP because the table had been pretty passive and I could at least try to c-bet the flop and take the pot. I got two callers instead of one. No read on the villains except the table had been really passive up to that point. I flopped a wheel draw, and had second pair, so I c-bet the flop and one villain called. After that I chose to slow down, because he might have an A and I'm sort of trying to stop myself from calling even when I think the opponent might be bluffing. My draw was pretty hidden, but he was short-stacked, so I am thinking I should have folded on the turn when he bet after I checked to him, but for some reason I decided to call and "cheer" for a 5 or a 4, which didn't come and I had to fold on the river. It was an obvious fold on the turn, right? I kind of know that, but my question here is whether the decision to open lighter from EP on a pretty passive table was bad and same thing about my c-bet on the flop. I thought that his range definitely had aces, on the turn maybe even jacks, but I was drawing to a stronger hand with either a 4 or a 5. I don't believe he'd have a backdoor flush draw in this case because the flop was rainbow and it wouldn't make sense for him to call. So, what are your thoughts? Thanks!

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    I would x/f the flop there not deep enough to draw to anything and there not ever folding, as for the turn its a fold hes got no money behind for if you do hit.


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      Fold turn. The price we are getting is terrible to draw and we have no implied odds if we hit since he has $0.35 behind.


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        I don't mind the odd raise from EP with a pocket pair for variety. If you think the table is playing pretty passive, this play makes even more sense.

        I would just check/fold on the flop though. For the same reason you a drawing for the wheel, a 5 may be a dirty out for you so your equity in the hand is probably even worse than you assessed.

        As played, I would fold, as I think you perfectly well know!


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          I check-fold flop. C-bet bluffing into 2 players when OOP is basically burning money. Definitely check-fold turn. Most of the time, villain has an ace and he's not giving you odds to call with your draw.
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            Certainly debatable flop bet. If we are betting, the flop will be the only street I would bet and I'm just shutting down when called especially from the player right behind us because they would almost certainly always have an Ace when there is one player left to act behind them. So because I'm only betting once I'm gonna size it slightly bigger OTF to maximize fold equity from PPs below TP. I x/f turn.



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