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  • QT

    Do you think i should bet the river for value and how much? I did decide to check as i dont expect him to call 3 barrels especially on that river with a Q, i wanted him to take a stab with his missed flush a draws and his gonna bet call KJ and JT. So which line is best and what size should we go for, i think when i let him bet i should of gone for a bigger raise as hes not calling with a Q and hes not folding a straight or trips for a much bigger size i would of thought.

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    Readless it's better to bet/bet/bet since villains don't value bet thinly enough at 10nl, and it would be terrible for villain to check back QJ here due to passiveness.

    If you have a read that he bets when checked to and pays off light then check/raising is ok. It's very villain dependent.


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      In general I would bet this river and hope to get paid off by AQ, KQ and straights. I think villain is not betting that much once you check to him.

      As it turned out. if you barrel a third time, he is probably going to raise you and it's easier for you to get value with a 3Bet.


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        Betting yourself seems like the optimal line against an unknown villain as you don't know how aggressive they are OTR but I do like your line for the reasons you stated. You miss out on a bet from some medium Qx, but you're also blocking that and AQ gets 3-bet preflop most of the time so you can give villain a chance to bluff/turn hands into a bluff while getting him to bet/call all Tx and straights.
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