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bet sizing

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  • bet sizing

    Am i right to just bet big to get value from over pairs here, ive got no reads or stats so im just assuming he wont float with AK so i was just going for fat value vs over pairs. Obviously it sucks for me if he happens to be calling with small pairs pre and he hits a set but what do you lot think?

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    I'd generally make it a bit smaller ($0.60-$0.70).


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      Against an unknown villain, I wouldn't bet less than $0.70 for value. If he has got 88-QQ (not 99 of course) he will probably call one street of betting regardless of size (unless you make it pot-sized or bigger). If he's got two overcards, he's probably folding whatever you bet unless he decides to float.

      If you're going to make a betting mistake, make it on the bigger side when you're chasing for value . Much better than betting too small and giving your opponents good prices to outdraw you.


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        Hi Mike,

        I agree, on such a dry board texture a bit smaller sizing is my preference... we'd like to create some doubt that allows the smaller pairs to call easily, since their equity in the pot is very poor. We also don't mind if he wants to take a card off with something like JTs... while that's got 4 outs to make the nuts, it's also got 6 outs to make a worse pair. I like about .60c personally, but am ok with even .50c on a dry board like this.
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