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2nl zoom TPTK on wet board

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  • 2nl zoom TPTK on wet board

    21/16 AF 3.3/2.3/4.5 Whats the best action ott? I raised him small to get called by weaker K and fold to a reraise because I think I'm beat if he does that. I know I made a mistake otr, I got carried away and thought he is bluffing his missed spade draw, looks like I have a king looking back at my actions and the completed river draw looked like a good card for him to bluff, atleast thats how I talked myself into calling.

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    Hi Praydk

    I've noticed you do alot of discount betsizing for our opponents I've already mentioned that in previous posts, the best way to beat the games at the micros is to go for max value. Increase your betsizing. You said that you raised small to get called by a weaker Kx. I think if a Kx was going to call they would call a bigger bet too. I think there are merits to raising the turn. 1. we get value like you said from worse Kx, but also we can get called by draws that we cannot get value OTR when they miss and 2. there is still a player left to act behind us, and we don't want to give them odds to draw out on us too.

    I also think the flop is a decent spot to cbet. It's such a dry board that rarely anyone will hit also when we are called we can barrel plenty of good turns like any T/J/Q/K/A, any spade, and even maybe a 5 or a 4.

    Given the line that we took OTT, and that villain called us. I think we should fold river when they bet. Although we only need to be good 20% of the time, I think his hand will have flushes and straights.


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      If we cbet the flop, doesn't their calling range contain a consistent ammount of draws? How can we barrel a spade, 4 or 5 then? We will have the nfd if we turn a spade but isn't it better to check when chances are the villain has a made flush?


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        Okay, lets see. What hands do you think villain will call us with preflop?


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          22-QQ, AJs+,KQs,56s+


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            I think his calling range would be much wider than that given they are in the BB and have a good price on a call.
            I also think hands like JJ+, and AK would 3bet because its a multiway pot. AQo, AJo, KQo could also go for a squeeze.
            So I think his hands would look more like: TT-22, 50%(AQo, AJo, KQo), AT, KJ, QJ, KT, QT, JT, AQs-A2s, T9s-65s, J9s-97s.
            And thats 18.4% of hands which fits in his profile of 22/16.

            His range only connects with the flop 19% of the time. And FDs will only be 7% of his entire range. Their are more hands in the TP and pp below TP category than their are in the FD category and these are the hands that we can put alot of pressure on with firing multiple barrels on later streets. Also, some FDs would look to x/r the flop which is why we can credibly represent a FD ourselves by betting flop and a spade turn and they cannot. Also we have the Ace of spades which means if they x/c the flop with a FD they are unlikely to x/r the turn with the flush because when they x/c flop with the draw then their draw might be a weak draw that they are looking to play passively in which case we have the NFD for the redraw by the river. I hope this makes sense and clarifies why we can cbet flop and barrel spades. Let me know if you have more questions


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              I think he will have flush of diamonds often enough there. and his river bet is value bet I think.



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