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QJ Small Blind loose call

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  • QJ Small Blind loose call

    Hey again! I was wondering if my call here was correct being that I was out of position and the raiser was in early position. As it turns out I flopped a monster, but there were many outs to worry me, so I check-raised the villain and he folded. How do I know if I had enough implied odds in case of hitting this hand to justify the call? Was the villain too short-stacked to make my play profitable? Thanks!

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    Also, should I have check-called the flop?


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      Hi Max_Kane

      I'd fold preflop considering we are OOP and the action is coming from EP. Regardless of stack size, we have to compare our hand equity against their EP opening range. What happens is that he will have no worse Queens or Jacks so we will be dominated when we hit TP against AA,KK, QQ, JJ, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ

      I like the check raise on the flop given there are two hearts and the J & T on board puts out straight possibilities against his broadway hands. With his stack size I think x/shoving is fine though we could just make it 0.4 and let him put the rest in if he wanted.



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