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2nl zoom 2 pair on wet board

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  • 2nl zoom 2 pair on wet board

    UTG 20/12 (221) MP 20/13; AF 4/3/4 (15) 1. Is my preflop call ok? 2. Is my flop call ok? He might do that with draws, not sure about weaker Q OTT Im ahead of KQ, any draws with an A that hit so I opted for a x/r. 3.Is it an easy fold OTR, can he do this with 2 pair/busted FD?

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    Preflop is ok. Obviously squeezing is fine too.

    Flop call is uber standard.

    I also like the turn check/raise if you intend to shove most rivers.

    Obviously a T is a horrible card for us, and given he isn't capable of turning a hand like KT into a bluff, i like check/folding.


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      Hi Praydk,

      With AQo I tend to 3b preflop. Here is a great spot for it since you are out of position and have a caller. This is a good spot to squeeze. With AQs I will often just call behind since it plays better postflop.

      As played, check-calling the flop looks good. The turn is not that great for you. The situation is getting fairly polarized. The villain may have AK, J10, or a set which are ahead, or he may have a pair and a draw type of hand that you are beating. I don't really care for the check-raise on the turn. Firstly, I don't think we can confidently do this for value here even though you do have two pair. Secondly, your hand is unlikely to improve on the river. The only good out for you would be a Q and you need to dodge a lot of bullets. Any diamond any 10 or J as well as another K.

      You could call and reevaluate on the river, but it is hard to control the pot when you are oop. Yet, since there are so many scary cards for us coming on the river and so few good ones. If I expect the villain to fire another bullet on the river, I would actually play it safe and just fold the turn. If I believe the villain's range is more heavily weighted toward a pair and a draw then I might call the turn. Hoping to get to the showdown cheaply.

      As played, once he calls your turn raise, you have an easy fold on the river. You can see players going crazy with air in spots like this, but I still prefer to play it safe. This guy's line looks strong. Even with two pair, you are not beating much on this board except bluffs.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX



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