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NL 25: Turning second pair into a bluff OTR?

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  • NL 25: Turning second pair into a bluff OTR?

    Hi, Its NL 10 not 25, got that wrong in the title but cant change that anymore I think. villain is a 15/11 TAG with a Steal from SB 3 out of 9 times and postflop AG of 16 and CbetFLop 88 and CbetTurn 75 over (only) 164 hands. I called twice here pretty light since of his barreling tendencies, even though the small sample and his preflop tightness puts his postflop aggression in a different perspective. OTR the guys from my study group said, that I could turn my hand into a bluff there. I dont use that line yet, since people call poorly so much on the micros, but the spot might be fine or? We can pretty much only rep backdoor hearts but his small river sizing looks kind of like a blocking bet with some weak king and he would have had a hard time calling imo.
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    Hi bald,

    For me it depends on the opponent... if he's a TAG-fish (not a strong player) then I think it's a reasonable spot to turn our hand into a bluff. Vs. a strong player who is ranging us well, it's a tougher spot because we rep such a narrow range (basically KhJh/KhTh, and that only works if he doesn't hold the Kh).

    The 2 main reasons turning this hand into a bluff can make sense in spots like this are:

    -His river sizing indicates showdown value, like Kx or AQ... and while we have showdown value with QT here his entire river betting range beats us.
    -The staple play of the TAG is the bet/fold, so this river bet sizing does indicate a hand he's willing to fold to a raise.

    It doesn't necessarily work vs. good hand readers because they will realize what a narrow range we are repping (sets, KQ raise the turn, we probably didn't double float with a gut shot and are not playing K5 or Q5 for a call pre)
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