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2NL 6-max Zoom

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  • 2NL 6-max Zoom

    No real info on villain other than he was one tabling Zoom. My thoughts are the flop donk feel like a flush draw or similar. Maybe bottom set? Then the check/raise turn screams strength so I tank for a while before laying it down, figuring set is most probably. However I was slightly tilted from a pretty awful session and I'm not sure if I was misreading or if I was reading correctly and didn't intsa-muck because my judgement was affect by my tilt. All thoughts/reads/criticisms appreciated umbup:

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    I think you should raise OTF quite large for value when he donkbets. A lot of people donkbet the flop as a bluff and immediately fold to a 2bet. If he continues to show aggression on later streets, then I think you can confidently fold if you don't improve.

    As played, his huge check-raise of the turn looks very strong. I think you made the correct decision in taking a bet/fold line with your holding on that board texture against an unknown villain.


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      I agree with raising the donk bet, for value for the most part, if we get a call then we can reassess on future action as K5/7/9 are in lots of 2NL players ranges.

      Without reads its hard to make an informed choice but at 2NL AK on that board is a strong hand as KQ/KJ/KT can be that nuts to a lot of people on that board.


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        175bb deep so no reason to be building too big a pot with TPTK especially since this villain is an unknown. All I can suggest is betting bigger OTT, about 18c - 22c would be nice for value from weaker holdings. Villain x/r super big OTT so I think that I would get outta there pretty quickly without a good read, good fold - well played.


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          Hi Chris,

          The flop donk bet is often indicative of a marginal 1 pair hand trying to "see where it's at" or a draw, so I wouldn't be opposed to raising him right here with AK.

          On the turn when he check/raises you this does indeed look like a strong value line. Since we beat none of his turn value check/raising range, I like the fold. It's possible he chose to lead the flop once a while with 55, but I think most of his value range in this spot is K9, 97, 99, 68.

          @spand, if we thought the villain is donking as a bluff, then raising big is the worst option here.
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            Thanks everyone, I tend to agree with what you're all saying about raising the flop here. I think I must have not been thinking too clearly here so my question's definately been answered umbup:

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