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2nl Zoom TT vs shortstack

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  • 2nl Zoom TT vs shortstack

    BTN 14/10 33 hands BB 46/46; 3b 4/9; 13 hands It's a small sample but none the less he 3bets a lot Was it ok to do with TT, if not, what's the right range? Are there some arguments for a call? I think if I call I'm likely to get overcards on the board and BTN may try to push me off if I check and basically I just lose 35bb.
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    Hi Praydk,

    I prefer folding in this spot. Firstly, 13 hands is not enough to risk 35bbs on. He might have gotten good hands those few times, and he might have a good hand now. If we put V3 on a range of any pocket pair and any two broadway cards, you are still only a 60/40 favorite. You are not getting the right odds to continue. Moreover, V1 is still to act. We don't know what he will do. Calling is going to be a disaster because as you said there are a ton of overcards that can come on the flop. If V1 calls behind you will have a hard time playing most flops. If you are going to continue, I would reraise all in to isolate V3.

    In general, I prefer to be postflop before risking my stack at 2NL. In this particular spot, I would 4bet with AA, KK. I don't see any hands that I would flat call with. Big pairs play best against a single opponent. Therefore, I would reraise with AA and KK rather than risk V1 calling behind. With QQ you don't really want to risk seeing overcards on the flop. And AK is not yet a made hand. With QQ and AK we are better 4betting in spots where the villain has a decent stack behind as this gives us the added fold equity necessary to make 4b shoving these hands a viable line.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      FWIW, my default range for "flipping" with those (usually dreadful) 40bb shorties is JJ+/AK, as their pre-flop stack off range is something like 88+/AQ+/AJs+, which I want to be ahead of. TT only has 48% equity against that range, so it's more or less a breakeven proposition to call here. Occasionally I'll get it in with TT, but only if the shorty is playing something like 35/20 or higher, or is apparently tilt-shoving after a bad beat.
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