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Straight Flush, not sure if I played correctly.

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  • Straight Flush, not sure if I played correctly.

    So a 4bb raise came from utg, it folded to me in bb. I had loosely suited connectors and I thought I'll call and see if I hit. The flop gives me a straight flush draw so I semi-bluff with a pot sized raise. The turn gives me the straight flush... I have no idea what to do (this is my first real money straight flush). I raise small (probably too small) as I'm obviously not worried about being out drawn and want to get some value. Just wondering if I played the hand well.

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    Ahhhhh, the plus side of variance.


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      Haha, true


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        Preflop - I don't like the call. An Under the Gun raiser in Full Ring should have a very strong range. You have to catch a very specific flop in order to be able to continue. I'd just fold and save 0.08c.

        What range does villain have? You don't give any reads so we'll just have to assume he's a player who has some positional understanding. Therefore he pretty much only has value hands - TT+, AQ+, maybe AJs

        Flop - I would just check-call here. Villain is almost always going to Cbet this flop for at least one street. By donkbetting - you are never going to get him to fold any of his preflop range (except perhaps AJ/AQ) are you are just opening yourself up to a big raise when he has a big pocket pair.

        Turn - You've said yourself that this bet is too small and you are of course correct. You want to build the pot up to try and get his stack. There is every possibility he has AKss or AQss or something like AA/KK with a spade that he is not going to fold. If you make a bet of say $0.35, then the pot would become $1.19 for the river, where it is much easier get more value out of villain if he makes a full house/A-high flush.

        River - This bet is too big. The board is so scary for villain because you've taken such a strong line on all streets and could easily be representing a flush or full house. Furthermore, he is never going to have a full house here due to his preflop range. I would bet about $0.40. and hope he will call down with an A-high flush.


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          Hi skirriks!

          I think spand42 did a good job analyzing this hand. Calling preflop is going to cost you a ton in the long run. Firstly you are facing a 4bb bet. The utg's range is going to be top end. And you are out of position. Your hand does not play well post flop. If you flop a pair, it will often not be top pair and you may be facing an overpair a fair amount of time as well. The gap between your cards is so large that you will rarely flop an openended str draw. And if you flop a flush draw, you won't be drawing to the nut flush with such low cards. Aslo, even if you do flop a strong draw, you will more times than not be forced to put more money in the pot on the remaining streets with only a 33% chance at best. Folding pf is best.

          I too would check call the flop, espcially since you don't have the A of spades and the board is paired. The only clear out you have is the 8 of spades.

          Now you get your card on the turn. The villain lead out 4bb utg, then called your potsized bet on the flop. You definitely want to bet bigger here. If he is afraid of the flush, he won't be putting much more money in either way. Yet, if he has an overpair with a spade, he may call now while he still thinks he can improve on the river. I would bet at least half the pot perhaps 70%.

          The river is a scare card since flushes and straights are likely on this board. You might get him to pay a smallish bet around 30% of the pot with a large part of his range. Just hope he comes over the top if he has a full house of A high flush.

          GL and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX



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