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cant decide whether this was the right move

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  • cant decide whether this was the right move

    Hi all I haven’t posted a hand for a bit now but I have been looking over this one over and over. It’s the biggest lose I have had on one hand and can’t decide with I played it right or not. Here are the stats V8 91/18/0 over 11 hands V4 75/12/8 over 24 hands V6 43/4/0 over 135 hands Now Im happy with my pre flop but its what happens after the flop. Thanks for all the help

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    I don't think you did a tonne wrong here.

    You have the second nut flush on the turn which is obviously a very strong hand on most boards. By the time you bet on the turn, I think you pretty much have to call off his shove, he could be doing it with worse ie. QdQx JdJX TdTx. That said, by the turn, we have the 4th nuts. 9dTd got there. 5dXx got there. AdXx also got there.

    I guess we could check on the turn (I actually think your bet on the turn was too big as the hands mentioned above are the hands that can call/raise to that), he appears pretty passive, so if he takes a massively aggressive action on the river I think we have to fear we have been coolered. There is the question of what we are beating on the turn that can still call us. Most thinking players who are sitting there with a set or overcards are going to be looking at the board and sighing and making a reluctant/contented fold.

    There was actually a good live training on this subject tonight. When to fold a superstrong hand to superstrong action over our superstrong action.


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      Your bet on the turn will not induce worse hands to call or better hands to fold very often (Qd might call), so what purpose does it serve?


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        Check turn, then on the river, Bet if checked upon, then call if he bets.


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          Bet smaller OTT and fold if shoved on. Not only does the Ad beat us but also the 5d.


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            Originally posted by birdayy View Post
            Bet smaller OTT and fold if shoved on. Not only does the Ad beat us but also the 5d.
            We're also losing to , so I think the optimal line is to check back OTT & fold if Villain bets/jams OTR. Tony
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              What you did wrong was the big bet on the turn, there is no many hands you need to protect from because many players will raise a set or two pair on the flop. I would personally check turn and value bet river if checked to me and fold to a raise, if he bets river, I think i am folding, I don't expect somebody to be value betting a Q high flush on this stakes or bluffing to often. Obviously if he bets a minuscule amount I would call.


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                Hi Michae2005!

                I agree with what the others have said, but let's run through the hand. Your preflop is perfect, but you get a string of callers. Big pairs play best against a single opponent since the likelyhood of someone making a big hand like a straight or flush increases with multiple opponents. In other words, be careful postflop.

                You lead out with a pretty heavy, pot sized flop c-bet. Personally I would have lead out a bit smaller like 75%. Your c-bet is important because what hands would call such a big bet on a monotone board? Made flushes and strong flush draws are a large part of calling ranges here. This is a big warning that you need to be careful.

                Now on the turn, you make a flush, but as the others have noted you don't have the ace and a straight flush is possible. You do have some showdown value with your hand, although the situation is uncertain. I would prefer to check the turn and hope to get to the river cheaply. I think you can call one smallish bet (half pot or less) on the turn or river with your hand, but you need to fold to a large bet or a small bet on the turn and another bet on the river. I don't think I would bet the turn or the river in this spot. You don't want to bet-fold when you do have a decent flush and with so much already in the pot. Moreover, there aren't any cards that can come on the river that improve your hand much since the str flush possibility is there. Focus on pot control and hope to make it to the showdown.

                Also, as the others mentioned, betting potsized on the turn is going to get you valueowned. One final point worth noting. V6 is really loose passive. Players like this don't bet unless they have a strong hand. So, when he raises the turn, you can be quite sure that he has you beat.

                I hope this helps!

                Roland GTX


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                  Thanks for all the comments they have all helped



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