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2nl overpair vs flop shove

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  • 2nl overpair vs flop shove

    Another QQ hand with another big flop bet 12 hands on the villain 36/0 I don't see such plays too often so im confused. What's his range? Is it likely for him to have a set or will he play them slower? The best candidate here is 67 I guess, then 45, then 88-TT maybe but im not sure. Looking back I would have called, what do you think?

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    Hi Pray,

    I would suck it up and call it. This hand reminds me a bit of frosty's training this weekend with players stacking off all kinds of garbage for stack size overbets.

    My experience with weak players is that they will often turn over a stupid bluff or 1 pair hand they are "Protecting"... like 99 that sees a safe flop and is just so sick and tired of all the fish sucking out on him that he's not going to allow it this time! He's not even ranging us. Sets they tend to slow play more often not being afraid some fish calling with ace high and getting lucky.

    So yeah, he might have us beat, but on balance I think our hand is strong enough to find out.
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      Hey Praydk,

      I agree with Dave... I'm inclined to call a shove @ 2NL on such a dry board & would not be surprised to see 88, 99, A7, A6 [poss 67s]. Like Dave, I don't think many villains will be shoving sets here... as would expect them to check to the PFR & then look to x/raise OTF or get it in OTT.

      This hand reminded me of one I played yesterday @ 5NL Zoom (6 max) albeit on a co-ordinated board. Villain limped from UTG... then called raise p/f & x/shoved OTF. Whilst I was a little concerned that he may well have 44, 55, 77... I thought it more likely he would be shoving with small to mid pps 88+, suited connectors with a SD or FD [combos] although I was obviously blocking NF draw, so opted to make the call.

      GL @ the tables

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