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NL1/2c, zoom, AKo, was I right to go all-in preflop?

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  • NL1/2c, zoom, AKo, was I right to go all-in preflop?

    No read on villains, no HUD. A pretty classic hand: raises, re-raises and re-reraises preflop. Is it OK to go all-in preflop with AKo?

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    Being zoom and 2nl when villain smooth calls the open then 4-bets your massive 3-bet he has AA or KK more often than not. I think shoving his 4-bet is a mistake and I am more inclined to fold to his 4-bet.

    Interested to see other opinions i'm usually extremely cautious of 2nl zoom 4-bets and perhaps too nitty but I have no problems folding AK to this action.


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      Hi tanguy88

      As EmotiveKiwi mentioned, your 3-bet was a bit heavy. Typically we should go about 3x the raise plus 1x for each caller. So 24c here rather than 30c. This becomes important here because the ensuing 4b would have been considerably smaller had you bet less.

      As played, you are facing a 4bet. There is already 143 in the pot and V6 only has 1.20 behind, so he doesn't intend on folding. Also, with V5 yet to act, calling is not great here. Your best options are to fold or to move all in.

      Agruments for folding may be that you have a deep stack that you want to protect. V6s line does look quite strong. I would not say it is always AA or KK, especially when you are holding two of those cards, but he will have it often. No read on the villain. There are plenty of good, clear spots at 2NL.

      Agruments for jamming. You will have some fold equity, but proably not much more than 10%. There is 1.43 dead money in the pot. The only hand you are really not wanting to see is AA. You are going to have at least 30% equity against his range. I think this may have been avoided with a smaller 3b, but as is, I think moving all in is your best choice.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Many thanks for your answers, very interesting!


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          Don't fold once you have that much money invested at 2nl w/ AK


          • #6
            Hi Birdayy, interesting comment are you able to explain abit more?

            Is the money invested relative to the other stacks or to our hero's stack? 0.30c doesn't seem like an investment that would have me committed to every pot


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              Villain has taken a strange line here, smooth calling the initial raise then min-4betting over your large 3bet.

              Strange lines like this at microstakes especially 2NL normally mean AA.

              I'd just fold here and wait for the many better spot that will come your way.


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                There's a fair bit of money already in the pot ~$0.70 so calling off with AK is never bad.



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