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2nl Full Ring breakeven stretch

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  • 2nl Full Ring breakeven stretch

    Hi guys,

    I thought I would share my breakeven stretch with you guys. It's getting me a little frustrated - only because I am still doubting whether I am a winning player at 2nl!. I am sure some of you guys have seen worse breakeven stretches or will tell me that worse is possible even if you crush the game.

    What's difficult is the doubt that I have "I am playing right".

    Please see the breakeven stretch circled in red below.

    Anyone experienced a breakeven stretch like this?


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    Hi pullin,

    Yes, I've had a 20k hand breakeven stretch at 2NL. Overall, including that, I have beaten 2NL to the tune of about 12bb/100. So no need to conclude that your game isn't strong enough to win.

    This is just a hunch, but I see your red line has taken a bit of a nosedive over those last 10k hands. Meanwhile, your showdown winnings are holding up fine. This could be a sign that you are not betting enough, getting a bit gunshy due to the downturn and reluctant to commit chips. Check your aggression stats, cbetting and 3betting numbers. I find when my confidence takes a hit I get more nitty, fail to bet enough for value, duck out of tight spots etc. It could be you are doing the same. Doing a little analysis on your stats will help you identify any bad habits that might be creeping in, and in turn give you more confidence that your game is in good enough shape to resume winning.

    Good luck.


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      This is perfectly normal, due to random variance. I had a couple of 15,000 hand breakeven stretches while winning at about 10bb/100 over a larger sample.

      Rough periods of variance are tough to get through and can make you question your skills. You can play "perfectly" sometimes and still lose, which can really mess with your mind if you're a results-oriented person, like most humans.

      I sympathise with you, as I understand your frustrations, but 10k or 20k hands isn't really significant in the grand scheme of things. I know of several winning players that have had downswings lasting much longer than that. It's brutal, but that's poker.
      Bracelet Winner


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        See this vid and feel better.


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          Cheers guys,

          I just need to keep going.

          MrFlopes: That video, there are definetly others in worse situations.

          Note taken: I have not seen the worst of a breakeven stretch.





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