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2nl zoom tough decision with 2nd best straight

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  • 2nl zoom tough decision with 2nd best straight

    No history with villain. We get an open from MP, 1 caller, and we are dealt AQ in the BB. I decide to defend getting ~4:1. We flop an OESD, pre-flop raiser c-bets, the other villain calls. The small c-bet and the flat ahead of us, made me doubt either villain had a strong made hand. Will the villain c-bet 88 or AK? With ~4:1 immediate, I decided to call. We hit our straight on the turn, and I bet out just over 1/2 pot. Pre-flop raiser min-raises, and the other villain folds. At this point, it is apparent our villain has also hit his draw. I call, and am faced with an over-bet shove on the river. I can't believe our opponent would make this play without a Q at the very least. Given his position, he could have opened with KQs (3-combos), QQ (3-combos), AQ (9-combos). Should we call the shove expecting to chop (for a net gain of $1.29) 80% of the time, and lose $1.22 20% of the time? Sorry for the long post

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    Flatting is ok, but we can 3b pre.

    When the turn brings us the straight, i'd prefer to check/call rather than lead. If we do lead we should be betting bigger so we can shove the river.

    As played, call the river.


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      Hi Ibie_Broke!

      I agree with birdayy here. Preflop you have a strong hand, but you are out of position. Moreover, AQo plays better against a single opponent. I would prefer 3betting here. If you win the pot immidiately, that is fine. Hopefully you will only get called by one opp if called. I would call preflop with AQs since it plays a bit better postflop.

      As played, checking flop is fine. On the turn, I too prefer to check-call. You do not have the nuts but do have a good showdown hand. Moreover, by checking again, you look weaker than you are which will allow worse hands to take a stab at the pot. Someone who flopped a set may keep barreling for example

      As played though, you are facing an all in. Note, it isn't really an overbet since your stack is the effective size. So it is slightly less than a pot sized bet. I would prefer a read on the villain here, but you only need to win 33% of th time to make calling profitable. I think calling it off will be profitable.

      Roland GTX


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        I agree with what has been said so far.

        I prefer to 3bet preflop and try and get the pot heads-up.

        I also prefer the check-call on the turn as villain may not give us credit for a queen and may fire another bullet with a set thinking it's for value.

        On the river I think you must call. However Roland has the maths wrong as you are likely calling for a chop a lot of the time meaning you are calling $1.22 to win maybe only $1.29 (half of $2.58). Despite this, you are only losing to KQ so you should call.
        Last edited by spand42; Tue Nov 26, 2013, 03:06 AM.


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          Thanks for the advice guys.



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