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2Nl FR CG - set against A

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  • 2Nl FR CG - set against A

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I bet the flop to find out if he hit something / going try to catch the color. When I hit the set I had two options. He either has a A or still trying to catch the flush. My question is about the river and my betting. What would be your bet size on the river? would you bet more? I bet that amount because if he played the Ace, he will call (and he did). If he was trying to catch flush, he missed, very like he would fold.

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    Originally posted by Rogger1999 View Post
    I bet the flop to find out if he hit something / going try to catch the color.
    Hey, I don't think this reason is good enough to c-bet the flop. It's more likely we are vs top pair. Flush draws are very unlikely.

    I would check till the showdown. As played further its ok. Well betting a bit more - 30ct on the turn. And 2/3 of the pot at river.
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      Hi Rogger1999,

      I think cbetting the flop has its merits so is checking back; it depends on your general game plan and the villain. I would probably cbet the flop myself with 88 as a general rule of thumb. Betting the turn for value goes without saying and I think I would prefer a bigger river bet size because as you said if they have an A they will call and if they had a missed draw they would fold no matter what the bet size.


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        I definitely would not check until showdown but thanks for your oponion


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          Varta thanks for you advice!


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            I like the Cbet - it helps to balance our range if we Cbet both with and without the A and the CBet will often take down the pot there and then.

            Once villain calls the CBet and you spike your set, I'd be betting bigger on the turn and river. It is now very likely that villain has an A and probably isn't looking to fold it. Therefore you should try to extract more value with closer to pot-sized bets.



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