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2NL-was the all in on the turn a mistake.

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  • 2NL-was the all in on the turn a mistake.

    The player near me was very tight so I put him on Ks/As. Should I have checked the turn and get more aggresive on River?

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    You bet

    I would check/raise the turn and shove the river personally.

    If you feel villain will bet a large amount of rivers, you can also check/call the turn and check/shove the river.


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      Preflop - I think the raise to $0.06 is too small. If you're wanting to raise for value or to isolate, something like $0.10 would be a better sizing.

      Flop - I personally would make a slightly larger Cbet but what you did is fine. When Villain min-raises and you say he is fairly tight, he could be trying to get more money in with a monster or more likely has some Kx type hand that he thinks he is trying to protect.

      Turn - This all-in shove is terrible. So many people do this at micro-stakes but it turns your hand face-up. If you're going to shove at least check-raise shove!

      But seriously I would just lead out here for about 1/2 pot. If villain has Kx, he won't continue to bet if checked to but he might call one street of betting just to test if we actually have a flush. If he has a flush, he certainly won't fold and may even raise us.


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        Hi BlueNavy,

        I'm with birdayy, check/raise turn, shove river if called.

        Tight player we assume has Kx or better when he raises the flop. It's not likely he's raising a draw, as that's not the general characteristic for this player type and we have a lot of the draws accounted for with the A, K, Q, and Jc out of play. If he checks behind us on the turn, then bet big on the river, like pot size, club or not, as his plan is likely to call with showdown value to snap bluffs.
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