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2NL FR: JJ, villain calls pre-flop re-raise & A hits flop

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  • 2NL FR: JJ, villain calls pre-flop re-raise & A hits flop

    Not really sure what to do on the flop was thinking villain was going to re-raise pre-flop but after the Ace comes on the flop it definitely hits villain's range after he calls. I don't have any poker tracker software and was not long at the table. Is it best to play cautiously in this spot. Any comments appreciated, as I said I am getting used to using the forum and I would like to start somewhere. Thanks Biffy

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    Hi BifyClytoris!

    JJ can be difficult to play postflop with all the possible overcards. In most situations I prefer calling a pf raise with JJ rather than 3betting. Moreover, the villain is pretty short stacked with only 27bb in this hand. I think you need to decide preflop what you want to do. Either play for stacks or see the flop and reevalute. At 2NL, I would lean toward playing it safe and seeing the flop. Then you can reevaluate. On this flop you could check-fold without having invested much in the hand.

    As played you 3b pf and get called. Now there is 49c in the pot and the villain only has 31c behind. This creates a tough spot postflop. If you check the flop, the villain will c-bet pretty much any two cards I would assume. So we could make an arguement for calling the ai flop bet. Yet, since we don't know anything about the villain I don't mind folding. It is safe and as you said, the A is definitely a big part of his range. The important point is that by just calling preflop, this postflop predicament would have been avoided.

    GL and have fun at the tables! And keep posting hands

    Roland GTX


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      I'm with Roland here.

      With villain being so short-stacked, I think you have to make a decision pre-flop if you want to play for stacks or not. If not, then just call pre-flop and re-evaluate on the flop.

      If you want to play for stacks, since you are the last to act, I'd be tempted just to 3bet shove. This is a play I would normally do in a tournament if the effective stack is only 25 Big Blinds.


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        Thanks for the replies guys.




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