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6 Max C-betting question 1

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  • 6 Max C-betting question 1

    What range of hands do you C-Bet with at low limit stakes (I'm currently working on my 2nl game)

    Thinking 6 max here but I'm sure FR players can chip in will make for an interesting debate I hope.

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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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    When you're heads up, in position, on a dry flop containing one broadway card, make a continuation bet.

    When you're multiway, out of position, on a dripping wet flop, don't.

    For everything in between make a decision based on the cards, your opponents tendencies, and your image.


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      I found out over the year that there's NO rules for CBetting
      There's also NO range to Cbet

      CBetting will depend on lots of things:

      - Your cards?
      - Your opponent?
      - Your opponents?
      - What are the notes?
      - The flop?
      - Your stack size?
      - Their stacks size?
      - Did you miss the flop?
      - Want to bluff?
      - Are you in profit?
      - And more

      People think that you must cbet....WRONG
      If you missed the flop, why would you like to lose more money by Cbetting? there's such a thing as C/F, C/C and C/R
      Sure you can bluff, but you need lots of info on the player to do so and who says that he didn't catch? therefore you need to be in profit to gamble and lose.

      Average Cbettting the flop for low stakes 6 max is between 59.7% and 83%, I'm at 50.29% over 500K hands this year and you know my results.

      I personally think that before any player uses CBetting as a tool to win, they need to be a winning player FIRST.
      So many people post here about example of their CBetting or even some people talk about how important it is, BUT can't even be a winning player at 2NL or 5NL....LOL

      Grade, take it one step at a time


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        Originally posted by Sandtrap777 View Post
        I personally think that before any player uses CBetting as a tool to win, they need to be a winning player FIRST.
        C-betting effectively is a major factor in turning a break-even player into a winning player. It's pretty much impossible to be a winning player if you don't c-bet.
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          LOL Arty

          I'm not saying to never Cbet...doh

          All I'm saying is that before you start Cbetting with garbage or very marginal hands or you've missed the flop......LEARN to play the basics first.

          I read one of your post about your Cbetting % is very high compare to mine and...............

          Ah what the heck, you're such a great winning player, I'm sure you know what you're talking about, sorry I'm wrong


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            I have a relatively low c-bet number, actually. It's around 62% in full ring games and 65% in 6-max. I think there's scope for increasing my c-betting frequency.
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              I think that theres alot of stuff on cbetting and raising and what not but nothing on when to check back IP, i think i got this right but lets say the flop was Q84 and your OOP with AK i would cbet that flop but IP would it be better to check back and turn an ace sometimes against a player that plays every ace and break him or scare him out of the pot on the flop and maybe lose value later on.

              I watched a vid where the trainer said to check back J9 on a K72 flop because you have no equity when called, fair enough but then he says bet 66 but if we showdown 66 after getting called on this flop im sure 66 is no better than J9 at showdown but atleast j9 can hit a j or a 9 and beat a 78 type hand.



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