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    I am new here and dont know how to upload played hands in other way, i hope it's ok. I just would like to know, is it right to call all in on my situation? My thoughts was, that he had AQ, because AA or QQ would re-raise me before flop. And turn 8 , didnt looked like he hit the set, because he would fold on my bet after flop, or i should be more carefull in these situations? ( More because its micro stakes and more loose players geting lucky?)
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    We open KK from MP and get called by the HJ. Flop comes 5Q6 rainbow, we fire a standard continuation bet and get called. The turn brings the 8c, we fire another barrel and the villain x-r all in. At the microstakes,it is safe to assume our villain is taking such a strong line only with v.strong holdings. Since you are both deep-stacked it is possible he set-mined with 55, 66. 88 could very well flat the flop with only one over-card on a dry bd. A lot of the time he is holding AQ. AA/QQ are unlikely since you would expect him to 3bet pre. Two-pair, 97s, 87s are extremely unlikely.

    It is a very tough spot. With no read, and being the nit I am, I would err towards folding .

    PS: This guide explains how to use the hand-re player to share a hand in the forums
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      It's a very close call. But not to many villains would stack off with TPTK, they're more likely try to keep you in the pot. Agree with statement above it is possible villain to have 88. I'd lean to fold button, it's not being nitty, it's just the way of adjusting to a nitty game.

      You don't have to be carefull in these spots, loose players might get lucky, but in the long run they will bring you profit because of their calling mistakes. On the turn I would bet smaller, like 2/3 of the pot. Even the weak players could sense some bad thing going on if they face pot bet on the turn.
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        Looks like a set to me, based on the position and action. I think it's a mistake to put him on AQ. That hand is usually a 3-bet or fold pre-flop and only a small part of his stack off range. If he had AQ, the usual play would be to call down, as he's unlikely to get called by worse when he shoves.

        By the way, it's a not a check-raise. Villain is in position.
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          Hi allmighty191

          Welcome to the PSO forums!

          Tough spot indeed! I think without reads about the villain it's going to be hard for us to make that call profitably often enough. Like Arty said, I would expect them to call down with AQ unless we know that villain overplays their TP. Sets are in his raising range here. Since the board is dry they could slow play 66, 55 and also call atleast one street with 88. I wouldn't be surprised to see a hand like 97s also played that way on 2nl. But we bet two streets on Q high and villain did not get scared or worried to put us all in which makes me think he has a strong hand here and the only hand we beat is TP, given their action they just signaled to us that they have a pair of Queens beat.


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            Hello allmighty191

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