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25NL 6max Zoom: Turn betsizing?

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  • 25NL 6max Zoom: Turn betsizing?

    This hand is from 25NL Zoom. The villain is running 20/14/11 over 300 hands. His relatively high 3b made me think he 3b often vs steals. That, combined with position and an easy hand to get away from leaned me toward calling. (I wouldnt always call with small pairs here). I get a good flop. The K and J fit well with his range. And the villain leads with a bet. My raise is too big. Im not sure why I did that tbh. But it created an awkward spot on the turn for me. On the turn, there are both flush draws and straight draws. I don't want to give a free card in this spot. There is 15.75 in the pot but he only has 19.88 behind. Betting small lets him chase too cheaply, but betting 70% leaves him with an inconsequential amount behind. I opted to keep it simple and just put him all in. Any ideas on a different turn line that keeps me safe, but wins more value? Thanks Roland GTX

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    Think we've lost heapppps of value here.

    Don't think we should be raising OTF because he's going to continue to value bet any Kx (probably 3 streets) if we just call, but when we c/r and shove turn he'll just fold.

    I would actually check/call the flop, check/raise the turn and shove river.

    You could also check/call the turn for further deception but it will be more difficult to stacks in if he doesn't triple barrel.

    Our line is super transparent btw. Anybody with half a brain can fold Kx vs your line.
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      I don't mind jamming on the turn as played because as you said there isn't much to bet left if you bet 70% but it probably wouldn't be terrible either to bet that because he wouldn't be getting odds to continue with anything that doesn't beat you.

      But if you think he's 3betting so light pf, then his range is weaker thus when you get a very non drawy board here, you should just call and slowplay. Against your read, it's not like he'll always have AK or AA and stack off here it seems. Another factor for calling is that you are in position, so it's much easier to extract value whereas if you're OOP, a raise might be fine as you are a little worried he'll check back some hands on the turn.
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        Thanks Randy!
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          Thanks guys!

          Very cool with nanonoko so kindly sharing his knowledge! We've got it good here PSOers



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