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2nl zoom best line with TPTK?

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  • 2nl zoom best line with TPTK?

    opponent has 3 hands but I didn't notice that at the time and took this line because his cbet stats were 99 on flop and turn. But what would be the best line here? maybe raise the flop and get into calling mode on later streets? or just call-call-call if he bets and bet myself whenever he is checking?

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    How many hands do we have on him? It takes a while for cbet stats to converge.

    Don't see any reason to raise the turn. It simply value-owns ourselves. You are effectively turning AQ into a bluff.

    I'd call turn and be tempted to fold to another barrel, but would probably end up calling most rivers.


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      Could you explain why you raised the turn, and why you were tempted to raise the flop? If villain is aggressive, then you should be flatting, because raising will fold out his bluffs, and manipulate his range to hands that beat you. Don't valueown yourself.
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        I'd call flop and turn but fold to a big river bet. The villain might be firing 2nd barrel with AK or AT. Don't think it would happen with KQ or lower. 3rd river bet would represent overpair or set most of the time. Putting stacks on the turn won't bring the $$ in my opinion. As zoom players are so tight and cautious - tight passives in general. There is too little chance you'll be standing against something worse (KQ,AJ) in moment of putting stacks. Cheers!
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          Hi Praydk!

          As the others have said, don't even look at stats from only three hands and definitely don't invest your stack based on so few. Here there are a few points to notice. Firstly, the villain only has a 72bb stack. This may indicate that he is not a reg since most typically auto top up. Secondly, he does make an iso raise vs the utg limper. This looks strong. What range can we assign him? Against an unknown I would expect a bunch of pocket pairs as well as Ax hands. Calling preflop is fine, but I would have folded AJo.

          You flop top pair and the villain makes a standard c-bet. Now you have a good situation, you have tptk AND yoiu have position on the villain. This allows you to control the size of the pot. Here the villain may have a set, he might have a pair. Or he might have A10, AK. It is unclear if you are ahead or behind at this point. So, keep the pot under control and call behind. Raising as Arty pointed out, risks getting value owned.

          The 6 on the turn probably doesnt help either of you much. So the situation is unchanged from the flop. I would call behind again and reevaluate on the river. Raising is going to get you into trouble as birdayy points out.

          My default line for playing tp hands is the go for two streets of value when I am the aggressor, not three streets. The same is true when I am the caller. I am willing to call two streets with top pair, but usually not three streets. The important part is that in neither case am I willing to commit my entire stack with "just a pair".

          I hope this helps

          GL and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX



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