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AKo in a 3bet pot IP

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  • AKo in a 3bet pot IP

    Hello, My thoughts were that I'm against monster there, KK+,AK,
    but board was perfect to semi bluff and for value if i'm against AK.There was one hand of KK left and 9 combos of AA and
    12 combo's of AK. (are this numbers correct?) Would be shoving there good play? He might fold hands that I'm splitting and I have a chance to win to hands that I'm behind. checked it poker stove and my hand has 45 % equity against his hand range. Didn't 4bet PF as I didn't want to shove PF and I had position on him.

    [replay hand_id=577951 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=6B9724E0D2]

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    Think this is a pretty standard 4b given the positions but calling pre isn't terrible. Obviously it depends on the opponent.

    We probably aren't folding any rivers given how much money is out there so i'd just ship the turn.


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      Hi Shichi-

      There are 6 card combos of a pocket pair: (by suits) cs, ch, cd, sh, sd, hd Each suit appears 3 times (paired with each other suit) so if one of the suits is accounted for as is the case in this hand, then there are 3 combos that remain. So 3 combos of AA here not 9.

      I tend to agree with birdayy here. His bet sizing is not particularly intimidating, so I think we have some fold equity on a shove. But regardless, if we call turn there will be 9.51 in the pot and we'll have 5.35 behind, so I don't see how we are folding on any river card. Since we have to pay off the river when beat, it's generally better to simply put it in right now. We'll get the following benefits from this:

      1) No AK combo he holds has a flush draw, so it's possible he is bet/folding AK to a shove here. Granted he'll probably call off, but that leads us to #2 below. And any time we can get him to fold AK here on the turn, even if only a small % of the time, it's huge, since that holding will shove blank rivers and chop with us if we just call turn.

      2) AK/AA may not pay us off if the 4th spade comes. So it's better get their money in now, guaranteeing we get paid in full on a 4th spade, which is fair since we have to pay in full on blanks.

      3) He might make a mistake with a hand like QsQh and call off on the draw, when drawing dead to 2 outs. If we just call, these hands may not pay us off on blank rivers.
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        Aa: 3
        ak: 3*2 = 6


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          Thanks a lot to all,
          I shoved there and won with a 4th spade OTR he got AKo. but wasn't sure about my play.



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