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NL1/2 c : AJo,good call all in?

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  • NL1/2 c : AJo,good call all in?

    Villan : Playing more then one table at a time,and i saw him for 4 times until now so i knew he is no fish.he didn' raised the flop so i was pretty sure he doesn't have a monster.the only scary hole hand would have been 22.i want to know if i played the hand good ( except for raising preflop ).I was pretty sure he was going for a bluff

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    hi baprejmer!

    Preflop, looks fine. Raising the limper can be good, since you are ahead of a large part of his range. Calling behind can be effective at 2NL as well. C-betting the flop looks standard as well, and I like your betsizing.

    Now, when you get check-raised, warning bells should start going off, especially if this guy is a multitabling reg. Check raising is normally something done with very strong hands such as sets, and maybe overpairs. We might see it with flush draws as well. Since he limp called preflop, and he min-raises the flop, I prefer calling. This keeps the villain's range wide. Your 3bet is a mistake. Firstly, your bet size is way too small. A standard 3bet should be 3x the original raise. Anything smaller makes it too easy for the villain to call off with weaker hands. Secondly, it is questionable if you are ahead. If the villain is a good reg, then it is unlikely that he is bluffing here and a set or overpair seem most likely.

    The turn pairs the board and you lead out. With one pair hands, you should not expect to get 3 streets of value. They are not strong enough for that, especially in this situation. I would suggest checking the turn and folding to a bet.

    As played, your bet gets raised all in. This is the critical point in the hand. You still have a healthy 86bb stack behind. Folding here is the only good option. It is important not to overvalue single pair hands when facing heavy action. They are not woth stacking off with. This is a good general rule for microstakes. With so much action on the flop and again on the turn, we will very rarely see a bluff from the villain. He has you beat. I would even have folded overpairs QQ, KK and AA in this spot.

    Finally, we see the villain had KK and limped in pf and check-raised the flop. This is a stange, and not optimal line for KK. Be sure to make a note on the villain. Next time he starts raising a limped pot, you will have a better idea what it means.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX



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