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  • 63s zoom nl10

    Hello, Villains fast unknown. Is it good idea to play such a hand ? or how do you evaluate such play? I thought that his UTG raise range is strong enough and I had good implied odds if hit the board.
    Last edited by Shichi-77; Thu Nov 14, 2013, 12:32 PM.

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    Hi Shichi-77!

    I think folding prefloop is going to be best here for several reasons. Firstly, you are oop vs two unknowns. Secondly, you are facing an utg raise which is going to be ahead of your range. Yes, this may give us good implied odds if we hit and utg can't lay down a big pair. However, ask yourself one question: "What are you hoping to flop with this hand?"

    -Flopping a pair is not going to be good since you can't expect to have top pair.

    -If you make a flush, it won't be the nut flush. Are you willing to risk your stack on a 6 high flush?

    -What are the chances of making a straight with 63 and two gaps between them? They are not good since you will have to get 45 on the board to have an open ended straight draw.

    I like your idea of calling wide here since you are ending the preflop action. However, you want a hand with more postflop potential to do so. This hand just won't win often enough to be profitable. Moreover, even when you do get a favorable flop, you will have a hard time betting with confidence in most siuations.

    I wrote a blog about this a while back that you might find interesting:

    I hope this helps

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      I think you played the hand very well post-flop.

      However calling pre-flop is such a big leak in the long-term. You're out of position with garbage against two unknowns, one of who has raised under the gun.


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        Thanks Roland, I read it. Of course I understood what I wanted to see OTF. This flop was the best one. but opp wasn't aggressive enough to realize my hands value . He just called OTR with AQo . I'll try to make some calculation about it. But there's some another thing about it , when I see that someone is playing wide range I become more aggressive when play with him and it's difficult for other's to put you on an exact hand range. Could you give any math numbers? I made some calculations and got such numbers. Chances of flopping two pair, trips,FD,Flush,SD,Straight all the monsters for 2 gap connectors are 21.12% , and I had 26.67% pot odds, so I need not so huge implied odds. and Of course I understand It may backfire As it happened with opp in this hand But, I think I'll try (at least) to fold on shove with marginal hand and so deepstacked. Hi spand, UTG raise was one of the reasons for my call I don't have big implied odds for SB or BTN open raise.
        Last edited by Shichi-77; Thu Nov 14, 2013, 03:29 PM.


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          Fold pre for sure.

          On the flop this is a great spot to check/raise as a semi-bluff. You'll be repping a pretty strong range as there's few draws the villain can expect you to show up with on this board, so we should have very good fold equity. All unpaired big cards will fold immediately, as well TT- probably (if they call with TT they will fold to a turn barrel generally). JJ may flat call to "trap" you, allowing you to stack him if you turn your straight. QQ/KK will continue but not be excited about being check/raised on a dry board like this with 150bb's deep, and may fold to the turn barrel on the ace.

          No reads are given, so obviously if we knew the villain was a station then calling post flop is better to draw cheaply, and bet huge for value when we get there. But against many player types I would semi-bluff here.
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            Thanks to all, great advice



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