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2NL-Should I have folded turn?

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  • 2NL-Should I have folded turn?

    Hello I am a new player who took advantage of the Bankroll Builder Promotion so started with 4 USD. A lot of players say 2NL is doable, but recently I find myself in second best position too many times and lost some of the bankroll or am breakingeven. Everyone says you have to play tight in 2NL and I do but somehow I bleed money because the blinds come and the good hands are very very rare and when I get them they get folded. Adressing this example, my questions are: 1)Should I have folded his bet on the turn maybe even flop? I only have ~4 USD on my account so I find it quite difficult to pay them off because I am trying to build my bankroll. 2)Should I have 3 betted flop? 4)Should I have 3 betted preflop? Thank you.

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    1) No. $4 is way too small for 2nl but that's the nature of the bankroll builder. Try to play optimally rather than 'saving' money. Learn the right way.
    2) No. We'll isolate the part of his range that beats us.
    4) Yes. I prefer 3betting IP with a hand like ATo because it plays better with the initiative.


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      Why not fold?
      I was just tired of losing then so that's why I called.
      But a pair against an unknown triple barrell isn't that a danger signal?
      Thank you.


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        Hi BlueNavy811h,

        Without any specific reads on our opponent and the players in the blind, I would probably call with ATs but raise or fold ATo. So here I would either fold or make it 0.18$; when we are 3betting our ATo hand we are kind of turning our hand into a bluff and that is because I feel ATo is a bit too weak to call because we could invite the blinds to call along and our hand won't play well in a multiway pot. What can happen when we 3bet is that the initial raiser will fold and we pick up the pot or they could call and we can play IP with initiative (its important not to be overplaying our TP though when we do hit an Ace). If they do 4bet us then we have an easy fold.

        Easy call OTF. No reason to raise because we would be bloating the pot with just one pair of T when they could have an overpair, sets, draws and folding their Ax hands that we want to keep in when the turn or river brings an A and we can get more money from them with our two pair.

        The turn is a bit interesting and tricky I think. We don't expect them to be bluffing the turn without at least some draw of some sort so I think all clubs are betting the turn, QJ, overpairs, etc. So I think we have to call another bet here and re-evaluate the river. The river should not change much of their hand strength; whatever we lose to OTT we will lose to OTR. So now it becomes a judgment call depending on how you view your opponent. Would they barrel three times with a worse T? would they bluff river with their missed draws? We need to call 0.36$ into 1.27$ which means we only need to be good 28% of the time to breakeven on our call. Which means they would only need to have a few bluffs in their range and betting with a hand like KT to make our call valid which I think is enough to call down especially with their flop bet sizing because I think with their strong hands like overpairs I would expect them to bet bigger OTF to charge draws.



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