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10 NL - 6max Zoom, K6s: light 3bet leads to tough river

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  • 10 NL - 6max Zoom, K6s: light 3bet leads to tough river

    Hi, decided to defend my SB with a light threebet here, think the hand is fine for it but might not be the best villain. 180 hands on villain, seems to be a reg: Steal Btn: 44 Fold to RST: 50 4bet: 20 AG: 2,4 and I got a badge (note) on the villain that he 4bet me light before. pretty much gave up on this pretty bad flop, could have bet the turn but my plan was to go for one street of value on the river to disguise my TP weak kicker hand (starting betting on the K turn always looks like AK imo) and I did not put him on a draw or a good made (TJ or better) hand after he checked back the flop, so I did not see him paying off two streets with worse often. In retrospect I would not mind a turn and river bet though since he might decide to check back some draws or TP hands since I threebet and he wants to pot control the pot now a bit. than it all went terrible wrong as you can see :-).
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    Preflop - I like the light resteal. You'll just take the pot down there and then 50% of the time and it's an easy fold to a 4bet.

    Flop - I'd Cbet this. You say that you don't like the flop, but it also misses most Villain's likely range.

    Turn - As played I like this check-call. He may well be bluffing the king as a scare card as you have shown two streets of weakness after the 3bet.

    River - I would check-call again. I think he would've bet a flush draw or a J on the flop so you can reduce these holdings in his range. It would seem like he's either betting with a decent K or a pocket pair with some complete air thrown in.

    I think he would check back any K worse than KQ as he is unlikely to put you on a K worse than KQ thanks to the PF 3Bet. Therefore he would be happy to take it to a showdown. I also think he would check back a pocket pair for potential showdown value. I suppose he might also be scared of the flush.

    Therefore he either has air or KQ+ and both are real possibilities. We are getting approx 35-40#% equity, therefore I would call.


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      pre is fine. cbet flop, continue turn, c/f river.


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        I agree with the others about c-betting the flop. The villain will sometimes have a straight draw (9Ts), top pair, or a flush draw, but the majority of the time villain will miss this flop. You can barrel again on the turn most of the time if it is a club. Anything else I would probably either give up or try to go to showdown if your improve to pair. As played, after checking flop it is hard to tell if villain is attacking weakness or betting for value. Folding the river seems OK to me. I'd expect some bluffs and a decent amount of K's better kicker in villains range.


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          Hi Almighty

          I think against this opponent, I don't favor the 3bet with K6s; Our opponent is not folding to 3bets enough to justify a resteal and even worse they are 4betting light. I would very much prefer taking a different game approach against this villain by 3betting a wider value range instead of 3betting with fluffs, because the times they do 4bet us light we can shove with a hand like TT/99/AQ/AJs/ATs

          As played, I would bet the turn.



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