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10 NL - 6max Zoom. time to lay down AK on a K high board now?

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  • 10 NL - 6max Zoom. time to lay down AK on a K high board now?

    Hi, only had 67 hands on villain but he looked reggish so far. We only need 15% equity to call his turn shove, but hard to find thoose I guess. Not sure about my line as well, surely this flop smashes his range.

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    hey almigthybald

    I think you've gone wrong here postflop.

    Firstly, I would check this flop, not continuation bet. When we have a hand like tptk we need to be targetting second best hands for value. What are the second best hands out there that open UTG and call a flop bet? I see

    QQ, KQ, QJ, AJ.

    Now, we don't know if villain is going to call those hands versus a three-bet, particularly offsuit vesions. So that group might look like QQ/KQs/QJs/AJs, which is a pretty small selection of hands given the cards on the board.

    Now what about hands that have us beat that also call the preflop three-bet? I see KJs, JTs, AQo/AQs, JJ, TT. That's alot of hands. There are 12 combinations of AQ on this flop and pretty much all of them are in our opponents range.

    For that reason we need to make a plan of not getting all the money in on this flop in this spot. I prefer checking and putting in a street of betting later on, maybe the flop or the turn.

    Let's jump to the turn though. This is an awful card. What are you hoping for when you bet? I can only see bad things happening because we are now only ahead of QQ and KQs which is a slim part of his range compared to the rest of his hands.

    Not all top pair top kickers are alike. The turn is a mandatory check-fold in this situation, on this card. I would prefer we check the flop in order to keep our opponent's range wide, to elicit bluffs from 55 type hands, and allow other hands to potential overvalue themselves later.


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      I agree with Gareth here.

      Your Cbet OTF is almost never going to get both players to fold and you are then going to be OOP in a really hard spot unless you spike a Q.

      OTT the J is a terrible card. It turns some of his two pair holdings into boats and also makes the Q a potential dirty out if they hold JQ. Check-fold is the best course of action here. As played once he raises you, then you have to realise that there is almost nothing you are beating apart from Qx or KT, and these hands probably aren't raising you OTT anyway.


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        agree, should never stack off on that board here.



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