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5NL (6Max) Bad Shove on Turn?

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  • 5NL (6Max) Bad Shove on Turn?

    Hey everyone. Just a question about how I played this. Should I be shoving the turn? or calling there Turn Bet to keep some of there bluffs in? I have alot of Equity with OESD and Nut FD. Villain is relatively tight player. Small sample rate but has't shown any signs of recklessness yet. Any input would be great. Thanxs.

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    Hey Taunto_88 On this flop, the world is your oyster. I think preflop you made the right decision by just calling the min-raise on the button. Your hand is too strong to fold and too strong to bluff with a three-bet in this situation. If villain is thinking through the turn logic, he'll have noticed that, had you a set or top two pair, like you are representing with this turn shove, you might have also raised the flop, though you had the benefit of knowing the third player had already folded. So its conceivable that your turn shove won't get credit from a good hand reader. But at the same time you have taken an incredibly strong line on a flop that your preflop range can represent very well. Also, you can get some A high hands like AJ and any double barreling AK/AQ's to fold the turn. That's going to clear up you A as an out versus some of his bet-calls like QQ. Whereas if you call turn you can't call a river bet on an A river, for example. Either way, you have enough fold equity + real equity to make this play. He can only make mistakes after you press the all-in button, whether he folds too tightly, like QT, AT, or has to bet-fold the best hand like AK, or you take him off his equity with QJ (or he calls with the worse hand). A lot of good can happen when you shove and the worst that happens is you have lots of equity when called in a big pot. umbup: I think your flop play is best as well, for what its worth. You can use your position later to extract maximum value, turn your hand into a bluff on an 8X turn or river, or simply take the pot away from his AK/AQ type give ups.


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      Thank you Gareth for your input. I always Find your videos and Thought process very interesting and intriguing. Do you think I should of Just called his Bet on the turn and Decide on the river to maybe get another bet out fo him?


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        Like Gareth I think you played the hand very well. By just calling the flop and shoving the turn, you are extracting maximum value in terms of fold equity and hand equity. Even if you get called by a set you have still got many outs for the best hand.



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