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Came Across these Situations today

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  • Came Across these Situations today

    Came Across a Villain that was doing this every now and then and was a lil un-sure how to go about it. I raise from the CO with ATs. BB Calls. Flop comes 877r and he donks out for a pot size bet. Now he also did this in a similar situation when i had JJ and he donk bet the pot so i raised him and he insta fold. Anyway to pin-point a range or how to deal with this? Villain wasnt doing this every time but just from time to time. If he got raised when betting pot sometimes he would call then go into check call mode, some times fold and sometimes 3 bet on the flop.

    This was really Frustrating me and was having a hard time dealing with it.

    And one other Quick Question. If we have a villain that is constantly 3 betting you on the button or the blinds when u are to his right. Do we start 4 betting? widen our calling range? or do we Tighten up?

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    His range could be wide here. He could be donking 56, 9T, TJ, 2 overs + BDFD, small pairs, trips, complete air...who knows. Was he a reg? Agg fish? LP fish? What type of player he is can help define what his range might be. One way to deal with this or to get an idea of his range is to call him down when you have equity/sd value, or a hand that can withstand possible T/R donks. Get to sd and see what he did it with, and take notes. Watch other hands when he donks and take notes if they get to sd.

    As far as the constant 3betting goes, do you mean when you are opening the btn? If he is constantly 3betting your btn opens, you have 3 options.

    1. Move tables. You want to have tight passive players on your left, not 3bet happy lags or really loose fish. 3bet happy regs are no fun either. There are lots of tables to play on, and this is where you need to table select. Find tables with passive tight players on your left.

    2. Widen your calling range. It takes awhile to get a true idea of what kind of range he is 3betting but even after a few 100 hands, you should have a good idea. Get stats on your hud or in your pop ups of what his bb vs btn resteal and sb vs btn resteal is. The higher the %'s, the wider of a range you can flat with. Just know that playing fit/fold in 3bet pots is going to lose you a lot of money very fast.

    3. 4bet. Pick hands w/blockers like Ax, Kx hands.

    The last thing you would want to do is tighten up. If you do that, you will have a big fat target on your head and he will 3b you relentlessly (as well as other observant players). If you can't play the 3bet/4bet game, then just move tables until you get better at it, and feel more comfortable doing so.

    Now if he is also 3betting your opens when HE is on the btn, for example vs your co/mp/ep opens, then that is another story. I would most certainly suggest folding more often, and calling with a stronger range. You don't want to be calling 3bets oop very often.

    Again, if there is a someone giving you this many problems on your left, moving tables is probably the best thing you can do. The only reason I would ever stay at a table with a huge lag on my left is when there is a huge fish/whale on my right. When that happens, I tighten up a lot.


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      i would actually consider doing all of the options you mentioned as they are good alternatives. I would mix it up to keep him guessing and adjust accordingly to how he adjusts to it. You would expect that if you 4b him every hand that he might start 3betting you only w/ good hands now. Some good commentary by the above poster too.
      Last edited by nanonoko; Fri Apr 11, 2014, 03:52 AM.


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        Wow that was the exact type of Response I was looking for. Thank you very much nhynyx and nanonoko. Both are great advise and i will try my best to apply these tactics to my next session when comming across more laggy players on my left. Thank u.



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