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NL25 FR, KK, should I have shoved ?

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  • NL25 FR, KK, should I have shoved ?

    Hi guys,

    I played this hand today, and I'm not sure if I should have shoved it.

    Villain_8 is the 3-bettor, and I had 38 hands on him, and VPIP/PFR/3Bet is 45/39/22.

    Villain_2 is the 4-bettor, and I had 187 hands on him, with 16/14/6 stats.

    The hand link is here:

    Should I have shoved ?

    Best regards to y'all.

  • #2
    I would have 4bet instead of flat-calling the 3bet. Then when villain 2 4bets I might have found a fold.
    As played I don't know


    • #3
      I must agree with Tweedle. Flatting the 3bet will most likely create a 4 way bloated pot so 4betting should be your go to play there. When villain 2 then 5bets over your 4bet I think you can find a fold. It's hard to believe he will 5bet anything worse then KK there and since you already have 2 of them AA is making up the vast majority of his range there. (if it was an unknown or someone with stats like the 3bet dude I'd stack off with KK almost every time)


      • #4
        I must confess by the time I shoved I made a mistake of not considering whether he would call it or not. I shoved mainly because of 3bettor stats.

        Thanks for your comments so far.


        • #5
          Hi fmbraga,

          I agree with TweedleBeetl, I'd make it 6$ then if V2 comes over the top its going to be interesting
          It's going to be hard to find a fold though 100bbs deep with KK


          • #6
            When I flatted my main concern was some of the four contestants must have an Ace, and I didn't want to suck it all on the flop. When I shoved my thought was to push away Ace-trash hands.

            But I can see your thoughts on this as correct.

            Thanks once again.



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