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16NL - 77 on T28 BvB

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  • 16NL - 77 on T28 BvB

    Villain 29/20/2 (106 Hands) I was torn between checking and cbetting this flop; the thing is villain can continue with a wide range by either calling or raising and even that we have a fairly good amount of turn cards we could barrel some of those cards will improve the villain I think. When we do check, Im leaning towards x/f even though we might be folding the best hand often obviously but I feel it'll be hard for us to continue on later streets OOP. Should we be betting the turn when they check back? What do you make of their turn bet size? And against hands that would decide not to bet the flop, how would you think the K improved them and should we be calling or contemplating turning our hand into a bluff by x/r-ing? Then again its hard to rep much with a x/r Thoughts please...

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    I would cbet here mainly because there are a few turns that are good to our hand like any spade, 7,6,9.
    As played I would take a stab on the turn, if he didn't have much on the flop, unless he got lucky with the K I expect to have the best hand there often.


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      This flop is excellent for 29/20 I think, that's why I wouldn't cbet, but I love K on the board and hate playing OP , I would bet OTT turning my hand into bluff and I think that's the only way to take the pot. I wouldn't x/r there it's more expensive than cbetting and by x/r you represent very narrow range and it's hard to believe for some one that you have TT, KT or KK.With all draws and OPs you cbet this flop, don't you? If I x/c OTT there has to be another bet OTR that I have to call and I prefer folding OTT. and I think his bet OTT polarizes his hand range it might weakness , but it might be provocation also.
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        I would of played the same way and folded on the turn, since there's 3 over card that beat us


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          I might've been tempted to delay Cbet on the turn - I often find that high cards can induce folds as they have a decent scare value.

          I think your plan on the flop was correct, just x/f as it is difficult to play 77 OOP on that board.


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            Hi George,

            I think check/folding is fine here. This is not a great flop for us to c-bet as it's better for his range generally than ours, and there are no good turn cards except for the two 7's. Plus we'll be OOP vs. a guy who's loose and will probably continue with many hands, making this difficult to play.

            When it checks through, I'd bet this turn card, it's a nice card for a delayed c-bet. We may get hands like 8x to fold, and we may get called by draws that we're beating with 1 card to come. If we do check, we should fold to a bet imo, but it's less attractive now as we've checked to him twice which will increase his bluff frequency.
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