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cant decide if good or bad play

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  • cant decide if good or bad play

    zoom no info... actually im kinda lost in this kind of spots.... since flop presented AT & T9 flopped straight i just checkcalled but since enemy checkreraised big i had to call/fold but fold rly looked tight to me... when i saw T on turn i was like yeah again.. but after he showed cards i was like yes .. was beaten even before turn

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    Get this sort of spot myself allot. Can be annoying at 2nl as everyone plays hands they shouldn't and keep bloody hitting lol. I think ATs UTG is loose but to then call a 3bet sandwiched is terrible play. Also the other player who gives him better odds with K7 is again really bad. I think I would of gone with the hand as I wouldn't put T9 or AT in their range


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      Hi GL!

      I prefer flatting preflop with JJ and reevaluating on the flop. There are a ton of overcards that can come on the flop and we are going to be out of positon the whole hand. Calling allows you to control the pot size now and not overly invest ourselfs until we have seen the flop.

      As played, this is a tough flop. You are ahead of top pair and two pair hands, but many of these will be drawing to the straight. Once the villain check-raises, we can assume that you don't have much fold equity. So, if you continue, you will be playing for his stack.

      Your hand will improve to a full house about 25% of the time. If we believe the villain's range also includes some two pair hands as well as Ak for top pair and a draw then getting in is presumably fine. You will need to pay 2.31 to win a pot of 4.57 (assuming you move all in). Therefore, you will need to win the hand 50% of the time to be profitable. This isn't a great spot, but it does look to be +ev.

      Note: had you called behind preflop rather than raising, the pot would have been much smaller on the flop and given you more options. It wouldn't have been a push fold decision for you or the third villain.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        but given their super-ultra-big-large-russian-calling-3bet-range looks totally fine to me to 3bet with JJ which is so ahead of their K7s etc...... u just cant expect them to flop nuts every hand, can u ?

        though slowplaying looks so bad to me now, since if he had KQ or KJ and the turn will come K or Q which i hoped for to make fullhouse, but then they will got higher fullhouse... so i should have pushed instead of slowplay ....
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