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gay implied odds :P

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  • gay implied odds :P

    zoom no info, now when i calmly make calculations i should have just called flop since i was closing the action and fold on turn if they push.. even if both of them push turn then i no have good odds i guess... right ?

    flop implied odds: 68/300= 0.22= +22%
    turn odds even if both of them push 140/580= +24% .... so even if i had all 9 colour outs(actualy had 7 outs) it wouldnt be good to call turn
    so my summary is: definitely call flop , fold turn

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    I will sometimes play my draws aggressively HU but not in a multi way pot. Playing draws aggressively can be +EV as you have fold equity in a HU pot, you normally don't in a multi way pot as theres normally 1 that will like their hand. At 2nl that might just be middle pair lol


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      We have 4th best flush and no straight draw.

      I can see a call pre but I'm actually folding on the flop to the action ahead of me. We don't know if our diamonds are good. I'd be stunned if our J or 9 were good and I see no realistic fold equity when we shove.


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        I don't mind the calls pre-flop.

        I would just fold the flop though. You've got the small blind who's 3bet and now leading out into 3 opponents, he's showing monster strength, in order to make this play he has minimum AK, although KK and AA are also in his range of course.

        The other consideration is that you are drawing to only the 4th nuts - others in the hand may well be drawing to a higher flush which means you are really dead meat.


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          Hi GL!

          My calling range at 2NL is pretty tight, especially on Zoom and running readless. (I've mentioned it before but will do so again. Notetaking is extremely important if you want to be a winning player.)

          I would recommend folding suited gappers to the original pf raise. I would only call if there was another caller already in the pot, or stacks were quite deep. I would call the original raise with suited connectors like J10s though. Having gappers really takes a bite out of our straight potential. Here your cards aren't high enough to have much top pair strength either, nor are you shooting for a nut flush. I would just wait for a better opportunity and fold.

          As played, Calling the 3b is understandable since you are closing the action and there are so many players in the pot.

          On the flop though, I would have folded to so much action since you are not drawing to the nut flush and you don't have much hope of improving to a straight. And even if you do improve to a flush, someone may have a set and improve to a full house. The risk is not worth the reward here and you may already be drawing dead.

          You are approaching the problem in a good manner, but in here it looks as though you are overvalueing your outs.

          GL and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX


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            Hey GL, I have to agree with Greg & the others... Given post-flop m/w action this is an easy fold OTF. I would be careful using implied odds as a means to justify a call / shove, particularly m/w when we're not drawing to the nuts as this is a high variance play & will not be profitable in the long run. GL at the tables. Tony [Prodigy237] umbup:
            Last edited by Prodigy237; Thu Nov 07, 2013, 04:40 PM.


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              but given this situation i had 28% with my 7 outs on flop and i needed 22%+ so call on flop was good right? btw implied odds were even better, i did mistake and told u that implied odds were 22% but it was current odds on flop, on flop it was 68/300=0.22=22, and with implied odds on flop it was 68/580=0.11=11


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                With implied odds you need to believe that you can hit the best hand at some point and that the risk to reward ratio is worth it.

                How certain are you that the 7 diamonds give you the winning hand? I know it is 2NL and goofy hands can be in there at times but there are so many hands that are currently ahead and can improve. If your diamond pairs the board I think we are beaten by a FH facing this action. The nut flush, second nut flush etc are all still out there.

                As Roland has said, you may already be dead in this hand, that's more a case of reverse implied odds.



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