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table selecting tips

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  • table selecting tips

    Hi, how is 6 max tableselecting done most properly?

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    I generally look for tables with high average pot numbers and high players to flop % - although these aren't necessarily so reliable as people come and go from the tables all the time.

    I highlight any fish with a green player note and good players with a red player note so I can quickly see if there are any fish that I want to play against.


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      I can confirm that the color coding helps a lot when table-selecting.

      First look for tables with green players, then for tables with uncolored players.
      As soon as I have seen enough rounds to be able to categorize players I start color-coding. When my table is all red I click on "sit out next blind" and look for another table.

      Sometime I don't bother looking for the good tables in the lobby. I just open a bunch of tables (many more than I intend to play) and just close them when I see they are not juicy (all red). When my number of tables drops below the number I intended to play I just open a bunch more with ctrl-S and repeat.

      If there are too many tables with green players, I drop those where I have poorer position towards them.

      I used to use the table percentages for table selection but I find this works much better.


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        Color coding players certainly makes things easier. I don't table select from the lobby, I simply use easy seat. If I'm seated at a table that isn't any good, I leave.

        I mark all players. So when I get seated I know if the table is any good right away.

        Here are a few of the things you should be looking for.

        Any table with 2 or more ssers, I leave, unless I have them marked as bad, and they are on my right.

        No loose or agg players on my left. I want tight passive players who fold a lot on my left. I will only stay at a table with loose/agg players on my left, if there is a huge whale or 2+ fish on my right.

        Any table full of regs I leave immediately unless I have 2+ of them marked as bad regs, and they are on my right.

        Being at tables with the fish on your left and regs on your right is just awful. Always try to be at tables where it's the other way around. You want to be able to iso/3b the fish, not have them flat all your opens forcing you to play oop often.


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          From the lobby I use a mixture of the table stats (high VPIP, or players/flop) and any colour-codes I have for players on the tables that seem profitable. I've written in much more depth about what makes a good table on this blog.
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            One extra tip not mentioned above. In addition to looking for players you have already marked as fish, also do a player search on all the unknowns at the table. Any of these playing just a single table you can provisionally mark as a fish, too. Most of the really bad players I come across I have found by this method. If someone turns out to be a decent player you can change the colourcode/note later.

            My personal approach is to sort the lobby by descending flop percentage, then work my way down opening tables and searching for already known fish or new singletabling players. If I find two or more I will stay at the table, otherwise I will close it and keep searching until I have enough tables open for my session.

            Also, I recommend ignoring tables with more than about 3 or 4 on the waiting list, as the worst players are likely to have bust out/moved on by the time a seat is available. And a table full of the sort of players who have the patience to sit about on waiting lists for the best tables is the last sort of table I want to end up sitting at!


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              It seems to me that most cash game (i am talking about 2NL) are very dry with low player/hand and small pot. Is it due to my time zone? I am in Asian time zone. Does it get more active during Euro after lunch?


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                Chose a table were you have position on a player that dont have a full stack.


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                  Play Zoom, that way you'll learn to play against anybody


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                    You can also pay and use a program like Table Tracker and filter tables to choose the ones that have less players multi-tabling. That is the best way, i think, to have the best tables. You pay for month something like 14$. If you play at least 5NL i think it's a good deal.


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                      I agree that single tablers are the players to seek out (along with already identified fish). I've been trying to get Table Scanner (part of HM2) to rank players and tables accordingly for me, but just can't get it to assign a rating to anyone who I haven't got any hands on yet. If anyone has found a work around for this do please let me know. Meanwhile I table select from the sorted lobby lists.



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