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2NL FR - A7 button - call big bet?

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  • 2NL FR - A7 button - call big bet?

    I hit two pairs, he re-raised quite a lot. Should've i fold? No info about villian. thanks for analysis

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    I think you just have to go with this, it's a pretty much perfect flop for A7. To be honest I'd have probably tried to get it all in on the flop, as we are crushing any big aces he might have or maybe 86.


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      Hi guys, I disagree with spand42 about moving all in. Let's look at the preflop action. We don't have a read for some reason, so let's assume the villain has what he is repping. Limp-calling from ep will normally be a speculative hand weighted a bit toward pocket pairs. There may be some Axs in his range as well. Moreover, we see that the villain is passive rather than aggressive. I prefer folding A7o here even though you have position on a weak player. A7o is very difficult to play post flop. As played, you flop two pair on a dry board. You make a standard c-bet and get a large raise. I think we can discount hands like AQ and AK since he didn't raise preflop. And if he is passive, it is less likely that he would get aggressive now with marginal Ax hands. If we still assume he has a speculative hand, the board texture doesn't help likely suited connectors. The only hands that the passive-aggressive line do fit with are a set of 5s, 7s or a strange AA line. I would probably have folded now. However, if you think the villain might make a semi-bluff raise with a pocket pair such as 88-KK in this spot, you might be able to call the flop raise and reevaluate on the turn. You need to proceed with caution though. As played, when your turn bet gets raised again, the villain is almost never bluffing. He is going to have a set here most of the time. Folding would be best. A better line mave have been to check behind on the turn. If the villain was bluffing, you will often get to the showdown without putting more money in the pot. Betting as you did tends to get us value owned. All the hands you are beating will fold and only the hands beating you will continue, as happened here. The main point with this hand is putting the villain on a range. Limp-calling ranges usually consist of pairs and suited connector hands rather than strong Ax hands. A set looks most likely on this flop. We need to be careful not to overvalue our hand here. I hope this helpsumbup: GL and have fun at the tables! Roland GTX


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        oh my god that help a lot. Quite amazing analysis. Thank you.

        the first thing, folded pre-flop was not in my mind. I will be thinking about it next time.


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          Thanks for the positive feedbackumbup: It is great to hear that it helped Roland GTX


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            Spot on Roland - I suppose when a passive player starts betting and raising, that has to raise a huge red flag. I think I call these bets too often in my own game and is a leak that can be plugged!

            On a very similar note, I've just started watching TheLangolier's excellent "Reads and Rangings" video where he makes a very similar point to the one Roland made.



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