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please tell me this isnt as bad as it feels

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  • please tell me this isnt as bad as it feels

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    wow I was so expecting to see Ax there.

    worth making a note there.

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      Hi hendo30!

      3betting preflop looks good and your betsize is standard. You rate to be ahead of his range. Moreover, with the deep stacks it helps to build the pot early so that you have the potenial to win the maximum if your hand develops well. Did you have any reads/notes on the villain? Estimating his 3bet calling range would help here. But given the situation, I would expect it to be fairly wide with Ax, pairs and suited connector type hands.

      The flop is low and paired, albeit connected. It is unlikely that this flop helps the villain. Continuing with a c-bet still seems like the best line. He may call with overpairs and perhaps some Ax hands. Betting also keeps the initiative, builds the pot while you are likely to have the best hand and protects your hand. Any K or A on latter streets is going to shut down the action for one of you. Your betsize looks a bit heavy for this board though. I think 50% will work better, keeping his range wide.

      The A on the turn is problematic as it normally shuts down the action. If the A is a scare card for the villain, he is unlikely to put more money in the pot. If it helps him. You need to shut down your action. The best way to play the turn is rather villain dependant. If you check, the villain may interpret this to mean the A scared you and semi-bluff with a wide range. This can be profitable for you, but if he is the type to bet the turn and river, we can't afford to pay him off with second best pair. There are just too many hands in his range that are beating us. If you check and the villain checks behind, then you may have the best hand. I would try to check down the river as well. Another option is to bet the turn. You should take a bet-fold line if you get raised.

      As played, folding to the river bet would be best. His line looks very strong. He called your preflop 3-bet and has gotten more and more aggressive on each street. Also note he bet about 75% of the pot on the river. Large bets like this on the river are usually a sign of a strong hand. You had a great starting hand, but there is an overcard on the board not to mention trips and full houses being possible. Don't pay off the villain with marginal hands.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Folding to one turn barrel is too weak in most circumstances.

        So I would check/call turn and check/fold to any reasonably sized river bet.



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