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2nl zoom call or fold small river bet?

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  • 2nl zoom call or fold small river bet?

    villain 26/9 AF R 4 (37) that river bet is always value right? Im struggling with the low price thing, should I always fold this?

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    How many Kx do you really think he has in his range?

    All hearts and straights miss, so that means that unless he did spike a random K, we still have the best hand.

    He could be betting a hand like AT for value, and given the price we are getting (he needs to be value betting worse a low % of the time to make a profitable call), I'd be calling here.


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      Hi Praydk,

      I agree with birdayy, there are not too many Kx hands that would call flop and turn; Khxh (2-3 combos at best) and I am not too worried to see an 8x because they would have raised it OTF or OTT. The only slow played hands would be TT or 88 (4 combos).
      I think we can take different river lines against different villains. But our flop/turn sizing kind of bloats the pot a bit and would leave us with a hard river b/f spot; what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I would bet the river, and sometimes x/c depending on villain. If we think villain will bet his missed draws when checked to then we need to be x/c; if we think he will check back Tx and not bluff the river with his missed draws then we should be betting small to get a call from Tx, JJ.

      Though villains sizing is suspicious, it could also be a thin value bet or some weird bluff. Point is, we only need to be good roughly 20% here to make the call. So that and the board has missed draws I am calling too.


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        I agree with the others. I think you played the hand pretty well on all streets. If you think the villain is a bad player and might call with an underpair or a ten, then I'd definitely value bet. Otherwise the check-call is fine.


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          I think we can take different river lines against different villains



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