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Blinds help and stats

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  • Blinds help and stats

    Ive attached my holdem manager stats (I think), Im losing a lot of money in the blinds as I normally fold them to any aggression due to being out of position. Should I be playing the blinds in a different way? I know its a broad question and sorry in advance but any help would be appreciated.
    I normally play micros up to 10nl, but mainly 2nl full ring.

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    Your VPIP in the Blinds, especially SB seem pretty high compared to your overall VPIP. However your 3Bet and 4Bet statistics look pretty good - just check that your are not leaking too much by calling from the blinds and then losing the pot.

    Maybe the issue is more to do with playing OOP post-flop? Your CBet % for all positions seem very high - people might be taking advantage of you by raising or floating you. At the micros, it is often prudent to check-fold some of the time if you completely whiff, particularly on a wet board. Check your CBet Success and see if this is a leak that might be plugged.


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      Losing money from the blinds is poker. Would love to see if anyone with a decent sample can actually win money playing from the blinds. You should be looking into why your losing money from mid position and the co. They should be winning position. It's free to fold from them


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        Imagine you fold every sb and bb. Then your winrates would be -50bb/100 and -100bb/100. Anything above that is good, of course there is always room for improvement. For blind winrate increase I'd take a look at spots where I can profitably resteal pots from wide LP openers. You also might take a look on this
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          Your flop and turn CBets are very high, I feel your trying to rep too much out of position. I think your spewing chips by building high pots and losing. Your also defending your blinds too much with raggy hands, catching a part of the flop and chasing/ trying to bully to win. You can't bully calling stations or smart thinking opponents as they both will win long term against you.

          Position is everything in poker and SB and BB are where you lose the most (or win the least.)
          Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks for the replies,
            The stats are for this year and I think ive been slowly improving as ive only started taking it a bit more seriously and trying to learn more this year.
            I definitely cbet way too much, and its something ive been working on recently to try choose my spots more carefully. Thinking about it, I think your right about trying to bully players and thinking back I can think of a few occasions where ive hit the flop with a mediocre hand on a cheap flop and called down. I guess more discipline is in order...


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              You need to add ev bb/100 to your stats for starters. Based on the ev bb/100 stats, you should be aiming for a collective loss of -50 bb/100(or better obv)out of the blinds. The more you lose in the blinds, the harder it is to win because it's hard to make up huge blind losses from the other positions.

              Your flop cbet is ridiculously high imo. Look at your flop cbet success % vs 1 opponent. If it's 44-46% then maybe it's working for you.

              Your sb/bb 3b% seems kinda low. Maybe look for more opportunities to resteal vs wide co/btn opens.

              This has nothing to do with blind play but I thought I'd add it. I would add UO pfr% to your stats, maybe on the position tab so you can keep track of your opening ranges. Based on your btn vpip/pfr I'm guessing your btn UO pfr is ~40%. You need to open a lot more otb.

              Your wtsd is a bit on the high side and your w$sd is very low, which means you're getting to sd w/very weak hands. Based on your cbetting stats, you might be dbl brling too often against the wrong players and/or calling down way too light.


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                Against one opponent its actually 52% success. Over the past 1500 hands Ive cut cbetting down to 73%, and against one its 35% success so its actually dropped a bit.
                Im starting to cbet less out of position if I dont have a hand and when theres 2 or more players.
                Opening from the button is around 31, today I tried opening a bit more and stealing a bit more, and over 1600 hands its up to not as much as I thought I was but I will try loosen up a bit more
                Im going to try have a look at raising ranges when there are multiple limpers, maybe that lets me down a bit as if there are a couple in the pot already and Ive got a hand I would open from the button with I tend to either fold or just call, I think I briefly read a blog about it on here.



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