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2nl zoom flush draw oop

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  • 2nl zoom flush draw oop

    villain 25/17 AF 2.6 Should I have lead the flop? If so should I call a raise or move all in with my NFD+GS? As I x/r the flop, should I barrel the turn? I don't see worse calling that's all.

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    I thought you played the hand pretty well. I like the check-raise on the Flop. It's difficult to tell if you're doing this with genuine strength or a semi-bluff.

    I would personally fire another barrel on the turn, particularly as you have picked up extra equity. I think your reason for checking was faulty - you are not trying to get worse hands to call, you want better hands to fold. I don't know what villain's WTSD is but assuming he's not a terrible player, it's going to be difficult for him to continue with hands any weaker than AK and I think you'll earn a fold a large percentage of the time.

    On the river, I don't mind just giving up the hand like you did. My guess is that he had a fairly decent A, something like A9-AK but not 2 pair.


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      wtsd 28 pretty standart, maybe slightly too big


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        Checking opens ourselves up to being without the initiative with a medium strength hand.

        I'd prefer betting 1/2 pot to keep the initiative and shove on any club or J river.
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          Hi pray,

          I like the check-raise line on the flop... it will set us up to get folds from hands worse than top pair, and we have 12 outs to subsidize the times we run into AK+.

          The turn isn't as clear to me tbh. The only worse hands that can call us are smaller clubs, but that would require him to have opened middle to small suited cards that are specifically clubs, it's a longshot. So we would be betting to try and make better hands fold. I'm having trouble seeing what better hands fold here. AK isn't folding. AT isn't folding. AQ/AJ/AA/QQ/77 aren't folding and may raise. We would be primarily targeting KK and KQ that took one off to the flop c/r, but if he did take one off with those hands it's not clear he'll fold now when he picks up a gut shot to the nuts.

          I actually lean towards check-calling here. The concern about being without the initiative doesn't seem to matter much imo since the benefit of initiative in this case is fold equity and there probably isn't much vs. better hands. We don't really have a medium strength hand, we have a bluff catcher (in a spot where the villain can't really ever have a bluff if he takes the lead back) and we have some nut equity to realize on the river. If we bet the turn and get raised (which I would expect from AA/QQ/77/AQ/AJ) we may well get priced off our hand and not get to realize the equity of our draw, which is bad. Plus, if he's got AK or AT he may be reticent to bet the turn after being check/raised on the flop, allowing us to realize our equity for free, which is good.

          If we do bet the turn, I think we have to do so planning to shove all rivers as that's the only way to get slightly better hands like KQ/KK/AT/AK to fold, and it's not clear how much of this he will actually fold. This combined with the possibility of being raised off our equity on the turn by 2 pair+, makes firing again a high volatility and probably -EV prospect imo.
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            Great analysis Langolier - once you put the villain on specific holdings and what he would do with them, I agree that check-calling is better than barreling.

            I'm working my way backwards through the library and watching your various Session videos - they're very good!



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