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2NL FR Zoom, AK in SB, correct to shove?

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  • 2NL FR Zoom, AK in SB, correct to shove?

    Hi. Unknown villain, was I correct to shove here? Cheers, DrJ

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    Imo, no, he presenting {KK+, AK}

    That said, 20%? zooom players would do that with much worse hands.


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      It is a really strong line when someone in early position raises followed by a 3bet oop and then someone in a sandwiched position 4bets. I don't see many players making this move with hands like AQ. their stack is also over 100bbs. May not seem much but if they were an unknown and they had 50bbs I would shove. It's one of them moments for me where you just have this feeling your way behind.
      If however I raise and someone 3bets and then they 4 bet, I am happy to stack off when it's HU. When It is from some in the middle of a raise and a 3bet with a decent sized stack normally I find they have the goods


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        I agree with Mikey's post.

        I know some players are incapable of folding their big blind in zoom - but the 4Bet seems awfully strong. Calling the 4Bet and check-folding the flop is probably the way to go.


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          Hi DrJ,

          Thanks for posting this hand, it's a spot where I see players routinely shove their stack in with AK (even at 25NL and 50NL) and I think it's a clear mistake without reads.

          This guy is cold 4-betting a mp open and oop 3b, and he's doing so for a very large sizing. I would expect (without reads) that this is going to be QQ+, AKs. Maybe JJ, AKo. He is folding none of this to a shove after 4-betting to this size, and our equity against that range is between 33-40% with no single hand we're a favorite over. It's a good opportunity to get away cheaply for only 9bb's from a bad situation.
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            Thanks for the feedback! Good advice, I'll remember this the next time I end up in this situation.

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